Just Purchased an Arduboy

Just purchased an Arduboy. What cord should I buy for this? Also, it says it is now in stock but 2-3 weeks for shipping? Is that because it is backordered?


Any USB Micro data cable should work. Most phones come with cables that work and the Arduboy should come with one, if I recall correctly.

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New Arduboys come with a cable


Hi I’ve ordered yesterday does this mean I will get a cable with mine?

i just ordered today and from what I hear it seems like they come with the cable now. Cant wait to get it.

In the interest of buying cables in future (though it appears the Arduboy does come with one), remember that only cables designed to transport data will suffice.

Some micro-USB to USB cables are intended for charging and do not have a data line. This is fairly uncommon but can happen (as it did to me) so do be aware.

Some USB cables out there are only charging, so this would mean you can not flash new games on the Arduboy with it. However, the Arduboy does come with a Data Micro USB Cable.
Shipping is 2 - 3 weeks as there are still some pre-orders that need to be shipped prior to new orders being sent out. We are working to get the units out asap. :slight_smile:

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Ok cool sounds great😀

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Mine just arrived a few days ago and came with a small white micro USB cable… here’s a pic:


Cool I wannnntt iiittttt