Just wanted to apologize for disappearing from here for a while

Just wanted to apologize for kind of disappearing for a while, still been lurking the forums and keeping up to date on what people have been working on, just been working my way back up to getting around to it again myself. Also got a Nintendo 3DS dev kit shortly before they stopped selling them and have been developing a 3DS game for the last year or so. And i recently enrolled in a career fast track program in the fall to be a full stack software developer (so i can finally get out my old job field in manufacturing) so just wanted to say yalls help in the past has actually helped a lot. Excited to get my hands on the FX too, placed an order as soon as they went up for presale in August, so hopefully ill be able to contribute more in the future!


It’s good to see you back, but there’s no need to apologise for your absence.
You’re free to come and go as you please, as is everyone else.


I started life in a manufacturing and distribution role and moved to a development role … but that was 25 years ago.

I don’t want to sound negative but whenever I hear someone say ‘full stack development’ my mind changes these words to ‘Jack of all trades’. I have seen many, many young developers who can put together a nice looking HTML5 website but cannot even negotiate their way around a database! Back-end development may not be sexy but its sooooo important to get right.

Anyhow, good luck in the course and don’t be afraid to focus on an area that interests you.


Sure but i feel bad i havent been able to contribute more though, especiallly having gotten help from others on here without giving at least a little something back to the community. Definitely will eventually though

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Yeah, part of what piqued my interest in this program was that it also teaches back end SQL stuff along with front end web development. Eventually id like to specialize a bit more, i just know i need to get a bit more overall experience under my belt first (and to get out of my old job field sooner than later at this point lol). But thanks, much appreciated!