Keyboard.println not working properly?

Hi community,

just became my arduboy… and first thing I tested, as a big fan of the ( retired :frowning: ) Arduino Leonardo, was the Keyboard function of the 32U4. Use the “Buttons” Sketch from the demo zone and add
in setup routine
and add
Keyboard.println("<name of key>");
to every Key read in loop
Then test in a VIM and also on another Textediting Program. It wrote the words… but the newline (return) is missing. The result looks more like a 5*“foobar” in e.g. Python.

Is this a known Issue or did I something wrong?

Are you able to test it with a real Arduino Leonardo?

The Arduboy uses the same bootloader and, from a software point of view, is just a Leonardo. If it works on a Leonardo, it should work on an Arduboy.

This topic may be of some help:

Thank you for the link to this very nice Sketch…

Haven’t testet on Leonardo again…

Saw the Keyboard.write(0xB0) work properly on my mac… Keyboard.write(13) (what should be the CR in Ascii) not… maybe there is the problem.