Keychain! Necklace? (security attachment)

I’m wondering if it’s possible to affix a kind of security loop or keychain attachment to the Arduboy?

It would be nice if there was a hole in the unit for looping things.

We are attending an event, may run a game on a few of these, and need to find a way to stop people walking off with them…


This is certainly an interesting topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t you just drill a hole all the way through the unit in a given spot to secure it with a wire of some kind? (You’d probably have to take the unit apart and drill them individually, though.) There seems to be a few places on the board that are ‘empty.’

Removing one of the screws, drilling through the shell and putting a keychain through the screw hole would probably be the easiest, not necessarily the safest though as I would imagine you could yank it off pretty easily. I used to work in a computer shop years ago and people were able to rip Kensington locks off the laptops, even those made with metal chassis’.

Me and my son are building a 3D printer, we could probably knock out something a bit more stylish for you (depending where you are in the world), but again it would not be very secure, I was going to make a Gameboy inspired (well a complete copy) case for the Arduboy.

What about ardu-keychain?

I thought about doing the same hardware just smaller with this screen. Takers?


but but but … that’s only 128x32 … :frowning:

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So far at events we’ve attached the Arduboys to USB cables and that usually stops people from walking away with them…
I was just talking to @bateske this morning about attaching mine as a keychain, would have to create a hole on the plastic cover where the screws are fastened but if it turns out nicely i’ll share it here! :smirk:

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Is there any ‘safe’ spots to drill through the PCB? Ideally a corner that’s free of any routing…?

I’d really love a spot to attach a silly lanyard like for my gameboys! :smiley:



And Ebay:

And for the cheapest yet:

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