Keyestudio arduboy (and compatibles) clone

Ive been lurking about wanting to grab an arduboy for about 3 years now but here in canada an offical ardu is about 80 bucks.
Ive found this keyestudio model and bought it so that i can finaly try out some games and see if i can make a few myself.
Personaly i like it for the price! It was a quarter the price of the regular ardu but that of course means some edges have been cut. Its a bit fat and unweildly, buttons are way too snappy and hard to press and it has no rgb led. Other than those things im pretty happy with it!
I think there was another post about these things around dec but what do you all think about these clones? Do you see them as a good way to get into arduino consoles for cheap or for people who cant solder? Do you see them as a leech taking money away from the original creators? Id like to hear what you think.
Either way im happy to join the community with my chinese imposter!

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Well i think the buttons are one of the most important things on such a device. I do not own one of these china clones but the buttons look like the ones on the Game Hat for Raspberry. and if they are similar than the game play is horrible… The constant superloud clicking, the force you need to push them, this is not fun to play and to sit next to… I have build my own with soft buttons. Price is also cheap and soldering is just basic skills needed. A 3D printer helps with the case of course.

Taking away money is relative… They took your money not the one from bateske :wink: But for sure there is a reason to pay a little bit more and get this super sexy original :slight_smile: I just love it and more are on the way.
And cannot wait for the FX to launch.

Thats what i was thinking! The fx would be awesome.
I wonder how hard it would be to put together a homebrew arduboy with a game selector.

Not hard at all. I have one. Mr.Blinky has published everything it needs. :wink:

Here you can find the needed infos:


I’m a cheapskate so I like the lower price tag,
but they do indeed look like hideous knock-offs.

Those buttons look absolutely horrendous.

Undoubtedly. But it’s a very deep and complex issue.

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The buttons really are bad. For the price its a good way to get into the platform but i think i may want to get an official now that i know that i like the platform and or solder together my own.

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Not bad! If i make my own i could try to add that on

I still need to at least pick up one of these. I emailed them and they said they do re-branding on it, which is actually been done already by some company in Australia.

It would be super funny to get them to rebrand it as like “Fake Arduboy” or something. It would be interesting to see how much better components would make it. My guess is that they are using the cheapest components they can find, so that’s why the buttons are so clicky.