Kickstarter Arduboy Not Holding Charge

I have to admit, it’s sat in a box for the last few years. Pretty sure it’s not been abused, overheated, etc. But I’m finding that when I take it off the charger it doesn’t hold it’s charge the way it used to. Example: Charged for a few hours last night, this morning I turn it on and it’s not responsive. Plug in usb power and it works just fine.

Is there an obvious piece that would have gone bad after a couple of years without use? I’m thinking battery or capacitor or similar? Is this normal decay of the battery?

And as I have NO DIY mojo at all, what are my options here?

By the way, this is the limited edition “Gold Backed” Arduboy.


I expect it’s probably the battery. Lithium polymer batteries can be quite temperamental.
Apparently it’s possible for them to become over-discharged.

Your best bet is to try the contact form first:

And then wait patiently for a response.
Most likely you will have to send it away for repair.

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Thanks, very hepful.

I think at the end of this year I’m going to have to start to put an 8 year limit on battery replacements because it’s starting to become a “thing” and I’m going to run out at this rate.

Will prioritize getting some supply in. I can probably still do the repair for free but will have to charge shipping soon.

Anyways I see your email I’ll be able to help you there.

Crazy to think that 2015 was 8 years ago… Time really does fly


Worryingly my account is a few months shy of being that old…