Kickstarter Arduboy not working

I found my Kickstarter edition arduboy after a couple years. Turning it on it plays for a couple seconds until turning off. Plugging it into the computer is very finnicky with the connector, and I can’t get it to transfer data, and charging it isn’t much better. I assume this is a problem with the battery, or the micro usb connector. I remember having troubles when the screws were coming loose in 2016, and was having trouble even after replacing them, but now it’s unusable.

Well, if you abandon a cellphone for few years, the same will happen. I guess you could leave it charging for a couple of hours monitoring the temperature of the back and try again.

For the usb, some cables are worse than others. I would suggest to try a few.

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Is it possible that it could have been dropped or knocked about?

The Arduboy uses a Lithium Polymer battery and those are prone to malfunctioning when they’re damaged,
which causes the battery to swell and the battery to have problems retaining power.

The battery for my 3DS (which I really need to replace) has that problem.
It won’t run for more than a few seconds if I unplug the power cable and the battery has grown so much I can’t shut the casing properly.

It might not be that of course, it just seems to tie in with having charging and/or power retention problems.

That’s probably it honestly. This started when the housing was loose a few years ago, so my guess is the battery got jostled or summ back then. Leaving it go for a while probably wasn’t good for it either.

I guess i’ll buy another one when I get a well paying job, whenever that is.

But, have you tried to leave it connected? what does it do after few hours?

Have you tried putting it in a bowl of rice?

No just kidding, if you can reach out to and let me know I can try to help get it repaired.