Kickstarter Bundled Games

What happened to all the games promised in the kickstarter?


Any specific game you’re looking for?

Most of the games we featured on our campaign were already open source games available in the community. We are working on porting some, you may see some in the games section of the community page.

Also Team-ARG has a bunch of cool games too!

There will be more games coming soon as we finish production and can switch to supporting the software more. Stay tuned!


Any sign of Ardumon? I know that was a big sell for a lot of people, if that isn’t available, then there might be some backlash.

Me, too.

I remember me on:
Cascade Path

Ardumon is still in development internally but actually it has been eclipsed by Arduventure. Check it out!

Cascade Path we have mostly complete, but ran out of space before we finished the end of the game. We will post this soon and maybe the community can help fix it up!

Maruino actually exists out there as an open source title, it hasn’t been ported yet. We have developed Squario and will be releasing it here shortly!

So… they are coming! Stay tuned! We will eventually have a games section on our main homepage, but for now everything lives in the games section of the community page. Thanks!


Probably a little unfair to call a demo a game.

Please invite me to these projects as finding space and fixing speed issues is kind of my thing. I’d love to see Squario run at 60FPS with long battery life when released but my fear is it won’t (depending on who’s working on it). Most people don’t seem to be paying a lot of attention to these details.

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Never said it was a game, just that it’s development has surpassed ours at this point! It’s incredible, more than I ever expected… and so soon! It’s the leading reason for adding an SD card in the near future.

No problem, we will get it posted up soon! :smile:

@bateske Not to piddle in your cornflakes, I know you have been working extremely hard from the start, but people are expecting the games from the initial Kickstarter bid to be actual games they will be able to download once their hardware arrives. I know that Ardumon especially is going to cause problems for you if it’s not available, it’s what caught my interest. I have been following Arduventure since the start, and it’s incredible work, but it’s no longer being worked on, and isn’t a complete game, people are expecting Ardumon to be a complete Pokemon clone available on day 1. It’s no bother to me personally, I’m happy working on my own games with my son, or playing with other peoples code, but I would estimate 70% of the backers aren’t developers, aren’t interested in code, they just want the games that were in the initial Kickstarter bid.

I don’t want to sound harsh, that is not my intention, I’m just worried you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Any update on Ardumon @bateske?

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See here and here.

Yeah I know all this already, I was hoping for an update from Kevin, seeing as we have had no information about Ardumon or the Arcade for quite some time.

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We still have a rough demo but to be frank, Arduventure is 100x better than what we had or ever would have, so we kind of stalled development. I’ll ping @chris and see what we can post up.

Still waiting on ardumon! Any new updates?

Nothing new to update other than we hear Arduventure will come out eventually, and we think that’s gonna be awesome.

We are also looking at building the new version of the Arduboy with upgraded hardware to have Arduventure as its launch title so I guess that’s something else to tease!