Kickstarter Edition numbering

And I thought I was special!

Would have been nice if they had unique serial numbers or the backer number on them, but it would have increased the cost per unit I suppose and added extra work.

NOPE !!! arduboy gold says the same as the complete 1st batch production…
here u can see :wink:

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Weird, I’m sure I have seen someone say their gold one was 1 of 250, wasn’t there two different backer rewards with gold backs?

NO ! there was time to grab one of 100 gold arduboy’s and later kevin decided to make another 100 peeps lucky to get a gold one. so all in all there were 200 pcs of gold arduboy’s produced !! not 250 !! and those are looking like the pic i showed you.
anyway - i don’t care about the fact that there is 200 or 250 or any other number of gold backplates. a friend of mine is doing an exclusive, individual one for me. completely CNC milled, polished finishing and laser engraved with my pseudonym and our demo crew :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Take one unit from the collection of 10k Arduboys, and that is your Arduboy. 1 of 10,000 ; ) So one person does have the literal first… wonder who it is… could be you!


could be everyone of those 10000 :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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We need mathjax on here to make a proper definition.

I just got handed one of the “1 of 250” gold kickstarter editions as a gift, so they definitely exist. Pretty excited. Hadn’t heard of this before I was handed one.


The gold 1 of 10,000 is a prototype!

And now I begin to wonder … why oooh why don’t I have a golden one :innocent:


How do I get gold because I’m thinking gold

that was a special edition Kickstarter Gold back, we are not making the backs Gold anymore.

Dang it oh well thanks anyway


i can sell you my gold arduboy edition. are you interested ?

Nah thanks any way I don’t really buy second hand electronics thanks any way but on eBay you could earn big bucks

250 were made, because there were about 50 people who upgraded from early bird to gold.

I’ve got a few gold units sitting in my dad’s house actually overstock because less than 250 were ordered!

I also accidentally sent out some gold unit’s as replacements! It’s chaos!

We may or may not be working on new colors…

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Cool can u send s pic or two

Ok I’m proud, back in July I was contacted about fixing the LED on the unit.

Here it is next to my boring non gold ones. Lol

Just proud to touch it, and still with the plastic from shipping too!

By the way, my arduboy’s are in my hurricane supplies for when I loose power they’ve come in handy.

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Ooooooo SHINY!!!me wanT