Kong [1.0.3]

Kong.ino.hex (76.4 KB)

A remake of the classic Game and Watch game Donkey Kong

Kong has stolen your lunch, again. Avoid the barrels and topple the gorilla to retrieve it!

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ArduboyCapture%20(11)   ArduboyCapture%20(13)

Graphics   @vampirics
Code        @filmote

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File
Emulator    Project ABE Emulator

Special thanks:

@uXe for the introduction music and sound effects
@Dreamer3 and @Pharap for some crucial space savings


I think you have to call yourselves Team SO.ME.THING, your games are so polished and nice!


We are just starting the polishing on it :laughing:, sure hope to get it to an even better state, if only I had more time.


Looks awesome.

Is the crane snapping to positions part of the charm? You know it wouldn’t be that hard to have it move pixel by pixel since it seems to be rendered as a vector.

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I am recreating the crane right now with added details, that version won’t be vector friendly.

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Woowwwww!!! Amazing, can’t wait to play it!


“Press Play On Tape” isn’t good enough?


Heck yes! I love it!


Looks so good! will you be rotating the barrels like in the original?

At first glance I though Kong was a koala :joy:

Pretty sure they don’t rotate in the game and watch version :laughing:

This looks awesome, definatly looking forward to this game.

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They do rotate, once they hit a platform. They even rotate the correct direction and change when they fall from ramp to ramp.

Is it just my browser or is that first graphics not animating?

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It is if you refresh the page for me.

I’m pretty sure Donkey Kong throws down those barrels sideways before they roll down the ramps. Maybe I should’ve said rotate around the Z-axis?

Personally I love that idea, but @filmote hates koalas so it’s unlikely.

(I suggested an orangutan…)

Its part of the charm if you are replicating the Game and Watch version.

I think you have mistaken the simplistic representation of the crane as a link to some vector graphics. Unfortunately, that is just my crap artwork. But as @Vampirics pointed out, the graphics are slowly being swapped out for better ones. (id removing mine and adding his).

I get it now. The graphics where the ‘koala’ is holding the barrel is so small now, I doubt if you could tell whether the barrel was sideways or not. Myabe when it is falling below him maybe … I will check with @Vampirics to see if he can make a great looking 9x11 graphics. I need to finish the game first before a second round of polishing!

I don’t hate them, I just know they are nasty little beasts and not cuddly at all.

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Isn’t it just if they are hungry? Eating the eucalyptus makes them stoned AF.

I think the anger is just part of their permanent hangover.

I did presume that was a possibility - BUT if that was the INTENDED look then you could easily convert it to a few line drawing ops. Though I guess then you’d need some cos/tan/sin BS for rotation, lol. Anyways yeah, if you’re going for Game and Watch feel yeah, never mind.

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