Kong II [1.0.0]

KongII.V1.0.hex (78.7 KB)

A remake of the classic Game and Watch game Donkey Kong II

Kong has been locked up but, thank God, Kong Jnr can save him!

ArduboyCapture   ArduboyCapture (1)

ArduboyCapture (2)  ArduboyCapture (4)

ArduboyCapture (5)

Graphics   @vampirics
Code        @filmote

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File
Emulator    Project ABE Emulator

The high score for the two modes (easy and hard) are stored in EEPROM. To clear the high scores, press Left and Right for a few seconds on the score screen. You can also access the high scores from the title screen by pressing up.


The USB stack has been removed from this game. To load a new game, you can press and hold the down button while on the Kong II title screen to return to the bootloader. Do this just as your new game is about to be flashed to the Arduboy.


Thanks in advance.
I have no time to program but if you permit, i’ll port it on META then you’ll have done on Arduboy. (Will have to do some change because of the colors but i’ll use the hard part of your job: the motor of the game and will had a thanks screen :wink: )


Could you imagine a dual screen arduboy to emulate game and watch games?!?! That would be super interesting.


I love the idea on arduboy as well as on meta!

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Thanks and I love the idea of a dual screen arduboy with one screen able to close on the other to protect it when we transport and enough solid to not have wire problems with time (but of course with 2 screens, we’ll have to charge our arduboy more often)

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I totally can :smiley:


That’s fantastic, it just needs a hinged clamshell design!

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I’ve been thinking of a single screen clamshell design for a while actually…


Stick it in a powder box and call it Ardugirl? :grin:


Oh yes, a nice design and a metallic shell and i am sold…

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i make already on 2019 Nov…

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@Ken_Cheung that looks really good. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the .bin file and have a play?

I not sure about your gameplay but have you used G+W fixed player and enemy positions or do you have a more ‘fluid’ motion? I would be aiming for more fluid motion like we did in DK I.

If it’s already been done properly, maybe I should swap to DK Jr or a totally different game.

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Really to Play

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this Design first, program later… i know how to do, but no time to finish…


.hex file, you’re getting your systems mixed up.
(Nice to know I’m not the only one who does this though.)

@Ken_Cheung’s just announced that he’s doing a remake of 1943 which you’ve already done,
so stating that Donkey Kong II has already been done is the pot calling the kettle black.

There’s no reason we can’t have duplicate games,
I’m pretty sure there was already a minesweeper game before I wrote my version.
(Though of course, people will always have favourites.)


The second set of screen shot look like Donkey Kong I

Is there a version of DK II that I can play?

Oops … yep a .hex file would probably work better.

But Ken, that’s 1943. What about DK II
Edit: You deleted it, you must have realised your mistake.

I even beefed it up with more graphics.

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I know my mistake… I should be post to 1943 , not DKII there

You game i know it