Kong II [1.0.0]

So is there a DK II game or not? Or artwork only??

No artwork

So to be absolutely clear, when you said:

You really meant in Nov 2018 you had drawn some pictures only? Ken I am not sure what your story is but I understand you like drawing up the graphics for games. But what is the point if you simply put a little animation behind some rather than build out a complete game?

I do not appreciate you just posting blunt / rude comments on my thread suggesting that its too late for me as you have already done the game. Firstly, there is room for multiple versions of a single game (as @pharap pointed out) and definitely room for improvements on existing games. @Vampirics and I will build the game as best we can as we are doing it for us - not anyone else. All of your motives seem to be for show.


It’s never too late Filmote, you are free to code it. Pharap said it before, it’s not because a game already have a version than you can’t do your version. We know your team and in all cases it’s will not be a copy but an original version of an existing mytic game, so in all cases it’s will be fun and good for you and for all Arduboy users (and even for Meta users if i port it after :wink: )


Absolutely I am coding it. It may even be the only working version of the game when @vampirics and I complete it.

Feel free to port it! Have you ported any of our other games?


No not atm, first because i’m lazy and next because a lack of time… but i have done other and will try to port it but i’ll make changes too to use the motor of G&W games we done for META for GFX in High res colors as i’ll use the colors.
But as you know, the most time consumers isn’t to show sprites and background but do adjust all the game event, speed, asw and it’s here that your works will be very usefull and will (i think) make me gain the time that will make the port on META possible.
ATM the Game and watch games are: Donkey Kong Jr, Parachute, Firebuino (Fire)
Fire is done since a long time by MakerSquirel and i had think to port it to HD version and improve it with all the adds you done on your Arduboy version but i havent’t done it as i’m lazy as said before and because a version was already alive.
The only other game i was thinking about to port was Ardubike but the game had been stopped.

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I try not to assume negative intent and chalked Ken’s comments up to sounding ruder than intended due to mistranslation (it sounds like maybe he is using an online translation tool and clearly isn’t a native speaker so it’s understandable that the english may not reflect exactly what he meant). Either way though, our community is supportive and multiple versions of a games is never a bad thing. So no matter what anyone says, if you want to make a game then go for it.


I am sure Ken didn’t meant to be rude. But it’s a bit like if I post a picture of my kid and someone post a picture of his saying there’s no point in trying i got the best :laughing:

I really would like to stop this little drama and keep this thread for the Press Play On Tape version of this remake.


Hanlon’s razor is a maxim to live by. The traditional version is:

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

Personally I prefer the slightly more courteous and more specific variation of:

Do not attribute to malice that which may be explained by ignorance, incompetance or misunderstanding (unless there is evidence to the contrary).

Agreed, it’s a tedious waste of time.

The easiest solution would be to flood the thread with some more on-topic material,
such as concept art, prototype sprites or a discussion of intent.


Ok, no idea if Filmote is ok with me spoiling anything but here is some assets I did ( I am almost done with everything, just not posting everything yet).

Upper screen BG

Lower screen BG

Kong character

DK Junior running animation (might change)

I think it’s enough teaser for now.


I’m not that it’s easy for you to express yourself in English. I’m replying to everyone now. My company’s business is very busy recently, so I don’t often respond here. I hope you understand, sorry. If you ask me for Source code, I don’t want to release it for the time being, I hope everyone understands.

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Very happy, you do better than me ⋯⋯


@Ken_Cheung And it’s not easy. You’re both artists
@Vampirics Nice start… It’s seems it’s well started to reach your standard high level quality.


A little teaser … its moving along nicely.

I haven’t added collision detection yet, sure makes the game much easier!

ArduboyRecording (9)

Also have the bird going too … just he didn’t fly in the previous capture.

ArduboyRecording (10)


Cool! Very good …

Love the graphics, its like an old 30’s cartoon. You guys should do a port of cuphead for the arduboy.


Looks fantastic (as always) :wink:

Great, it’s alive… :slight_smile: Good start

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Its more than alive … I estimate its about 80% of the way there!


Thanks everyone for your interest, its done !

Donkey Kong Jnr next?