KPA Quest - A New (Mini) Puzzle Game

KPA Quest - v1.0

KPAQuest.hex (53.6 KB)

Navigate through 10 levels that range from easy to incredibly difficult in this fun retro puzzler. Push the letters ‘K’, ‘P’, and ‘A’ to their destinations to advance to the next level, but avoid pushing them into corners or against the walls. If you are getting stuck, you can even push multiple blocks at the smame time!

KPA Quest is a puzzle game that I designed and programmed for JXM, a full-service digital agency located in Massachusetts, for a marketing push. The goal of the game’s design was to feature the letters ‘KPA’ in an approachable and easy-to-understand puzzle game. I designed this game to be similar to Sokoban, so most players can instantly be familiar with it from the start, but there are some fun twists: You can actually push multiple blocks at the same time. Plus, each ‘block’ is marked with a specific letter that corresponds to a specific destination. These small changes really worked to make this game quite different than Sokoban, allowing me to design levels that you can only find in this game.

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screenshot02 screenshot03


Download .arduboy :
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1.0: April 6, 2023

  • Initial Release

Also, if you’re able to beat all the levels, please do let me know! I’m curious how long it might take some of you! :slight_smile:

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You seriously did a fantastic job with this! :smiley:

I love all the animations - especially the title screen animations!!!

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Thanks a lot! I’ve really tried to improve making my games have more ‘juice!’ Making a game about simple letters in a tiny screen could be super boring and static, so I tried to come up with a huge list of techniques to make it look interesting. I’m glad I had enough space. :slight_smile:

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Looks wonderful! But why KPA…?
PS - Please can we have an embedded emulator to play too :slight_smile:

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The game transitions are really nice. Great work!

How is the agency going to use the game? Send out Arduboys to clients or some other way?

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I’ve already downloaded the .hex so I guess I’ll embed the emulator

KPAQuest.hex (53.6 KB)

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Great game. It would be awesome if the B button undid steps … but that takes memory.

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From my understanding, they will pre-load many Arduboys with the game and hand them out to certain clients. :smiley:

I actually wasn’t entirely sure what KPA meant, but it sounds like a marketing term. :sweat_smile:

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No offense to marketing people who may read this … but that language just makes me cringe. ‘digital customer journey’, really? What is my ‘relevant behaviour’ versus my actual behaviour?

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To be fair, I think a lot of their copy is tongue-in-cheek and written to be a little quirky. :stuck_out_tongue: Just like game design, marketing is a field with a lot of depth, so I would assume a lot of this would make sense who has relevant experience.

I assume addmur is a marketing word?

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Simple typo. :tired_face:

I know … was hoping though I was wrong and I had just learnt a new word I could drop mid-sentence.

See how I used the correct word and incorrect word side-by-side so you knew I knew.

cool game! the letters give it good difficulty even though it must stay to such a small play-field. The letters and menus are nice juice too! :smiley:

Here’s my chance to shine! :slight_smile: (I used to work in advertising…25 years!)
digital customer journey is usually fancy for “consumer funnel” - basically, what people want/believe before engagement, and what they want/believe after …
relevant behaviour is the behavior we want consumers to have while or after interacting with a campaign, and that is usually tracked through…KPAs :slight_smile: (like putting stuff in your cart, ordering, or checking a certain page, sharing some info, etc)
It actually used to be my specialty to make those advergames - however, I never did any for agencies themselves!
Nice work and super entertaining!!!