Kung Fu Escape - Arcade game

Hi Everyone :slightly_smiling_face: ,
This is just a small little game I wrote trying to channel the old Kung Fu Master arcade game for my 7 year old stepson. Everything mostly works as far as I can tell.

Controls are simple. D pad for movement and buttons for either fly kicks or normal kicks. You can also press down to crouch and do a low punch.
Only short at 5 levels but give it a go if you want :slight_smile:

The online emulator seems to mess up the sound but it works on my real Arduboy.

Source code and Hex.

ScreenShot2ScreenShot3KungFu_Escape.hex (73.5 KB)


That was fun! Thanks for sharing!


I see a lot of potential here, keep improving it!

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Oh … this is sooooo cool. Sort of like Karateka!

Would be good for the enemies to kick and punch rather than just suck your life away, maybe version 2.0?

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Three bits of advice about GitHub:

  1. You’re supposed to upload the individual source files to GitHub, not .zip the files up and upload the .zip.
    GitHub automatically zips the source code when people try to download it,
    so they’d end up with a .zip within a .zip.
    Also if the source is uploaded directly, people can view it without having to download it.
  2. When you do upload the source, you’re best off putting the code in a subfolder whose name matches the .ino files because GitHub appends the branch name to the .zip folder name, which can cause problems when unzipping the source if people don’t remember to remove the appended branch name.
  3. The best way to host the .hex files is by making releases.

I made a fork to demonstrate points 1 and 2:


Thanks Pharap,
Honestly I only used github because I didn’t have enough trust levels here to post the hex file when I first made this post. I clearly have no idea how to use github :joy: I’ll get onto changing it around :slight_smile:


Fighting stick men and hugs of death this game has everything :+1:t2:

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Fun game! Thanks for posting.

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Very nice! It put a smile on my face. Those dogs always destroy me towards the end. They’re so annoying especially when they run away after biting… it makes me furious for some reason. Great game, reminds me of Kung Fu and Bad Dudes for NES.

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Wonderful game!

ps: I added it to https://arduboy.ried.cl/