Lasers - A simple Ikaruga-like game

(OBONO) #1


lasers1 lasers2


Move the character and switch its color.
You get points while being hit with same color ray.
It’s damaged while being hit with different color ray.
The life point is displayed if it’s not full. When it becomes empty, the game is over.


  • D-pad: Move the character
  • B button: Switch the character’s color
  • A button: Open the menu


The screen flickers very rapidly.
It may cause discomfort and trigger epileptic seizures.
Be careful.




Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build the project in ‘lasers’ folder.

(Nicole Birgel) #2

I like the idea, but i fear i could trigger my migraine

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #3

I like it. Could i port it on the META (another Arduino Console if you don’t know it) ?

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(The Querulous One) #4


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(Simon) #5

This looks really good. Great work!

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(Kevin) #6

@obono your game development skills on all fronts are excellent. You are a good coder, have good art, and your concepts and gameplay are top notch.

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(OBONO) #7

I’m sorry. I wish Arduboy could display gray color. :pensive:

Yes! Of course. :+1:

Thank you! How many points did you get? :smiley:

Thanks. However, you praise me too much. :sunglasses:

(Simon) #8

I am embarrassed to say. Let me play some more then I can brag about my high score!

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(Nicole Birgel) #9

ah, never mind that’s a nice idea nevertheless.

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(Jean Charles Lebeau) #10

Thanks Obono, ill do soon :wink:

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really nice game! I like the animations of that smiley.

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(OBONO) #12

Thank you! I like this smiley too. :open_mouth:
I worried about the design of character because its color must be recognized clearly.

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