LATE (v2.2.1) - 3 in 1 puzzle game

(Josh Goebel) #21

Sorry I was thinking of Gamebuino. You could look at it’s source for an idea of how to do it. You just keep a counter for every button and then you can % the value to find out “held every 10 ticks”, etc.


I love this game so much! This little collection is so nice to have and its really enjoyable.

Besides the lack of sound (and how small the falling block game is on the screen) this game collection is really fun.

It would be kinda cool if it also had another game like 2048, galaxian, pong, or some other really endless time waster.

(Lukas) #23

This is amazing! It’s perfect for the form factor of the Arduboy. Honestly, if this had pacman too I’d almost never put another game on my Arduboy ever again. Great job!