Launch Title List [Wiki]

This is a wiki page to list off the Launch Title list, games that will be optimized for the platform and also what other games should be featured on the device:

Launch Titles

Unlaunched Titles

Featured Titles

  • Team ARG Games
  • Midnight Wild
  • Other crait games
    … please write your own games in here
    … please put suggestions in here
    … with links
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What is the position on that pesky thing called copyright?

If it is a concern, I would like to suggest some of my games as no one else will :slightly_smiling_face:

If not, can I add …

And I have a Blackjack, Dominoes, Pipes, Choplifter and Karateka games if anyone is interested.

I think your other titles are fine if you just change the name.

And yes I think those are all high quality games so they are in!

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I don’t want to commit to too much because I’m already working on a lot of other things,
but using the flash chip I could theoretically make Minesweeper include all of its language variants in a single game.

There might be some copyright issues with the obvious references in the ‘cactus’, ‘turtle’ and ‘penguin’ themes though.

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I wouldnt worry too terribly much about minesweeper but it should probably be called something else just in case.

But yeah don’t anyone over commit on this stuff. Let’s just focus on doing the best of what is possible. I’m looking for an opportunity to open the flood gates for developers who are currently memory constrained. Where having access to this flash chip would allow the game to continue to be developed… not make it harder.

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I hadn’t even thought about the name…

If I had to rename it, I’d be really boring and call it “Minefield”.

Minesweeper would be a pretty easy one to do compared to some of the others which is the main reason I suggested it.

Depending on how the flash chip ends up, I could even offer the option of the themes being stored on the flash chip, allowing people to add their own themes and maybe providing a (command line) tool for creating the themes.

Fun fact: in Italy Minesweeper uses flowers instead of mines.

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To be honest I’m not totally sure themes for minesweeper is exactly what I envisioned this being about? But I’m also not going to stop you.

Think of the ability to design themes as an alternative to designing levels.
It would hopefully appeal to the more arty users.

(Also by making themes a separate thing, I wouldn’t have to worry about the copyright issues with the three themes I mentioned earlier because I could release them separately to the game.)

Lode Runner, Juno First and Choplifter would be east to change.

1943 will be easy but the music is very close to the original - actually the same - and I would be loathe to mute it unless someone could write some new music for it.

I wouldn’t even attempt Karateka as the graphics are all lifted from the original.

Thank you!
Do yo mind inviting @Vampirics into the group as he co-authored some of those games. He might also be interested in contributing to the opening movie / menu designs.

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Someone please make an adventure game engine. Kings quest 6 was my freaking jam. My freaking jam.


Or maybe even a Space Quest demake? :grin:

Would be quite possible to do something like this now with the expanded space

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An adventure game engine is the exact kind of thing that would be wonderful to community source. Get other people making scenes, dialogue, story

Not sure where exactly to announce new people but I guess this is as good as any…

Welcome to the team @city41 if you would like to add your game(s) to the launch title list if you want to join this party! I think everyone would love expanded versions of your games and I think because of your tool based approach that it fits really well with the next step of having crowd sourced content built.

Also just invited @2bitcrook welcome! Pixel art is cool!

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Thanks for the invite, ahoy!

Excited to help out when I can, and to work with @crait and @city41. Don’t know if I can be stretched more than that but if anyone has any pixel art questions, my message box is always open :smiley:.

Also an adventure game sounds so fun, I’ve always wanted to dip my feet into that so if anyone works on that let me know. I love them too @bateske, memories of playing Simon the Sorcerer, Monkey Island, Toonstruck ahh~

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Adventure game is for the win!

Anyone seen this:

With the external flash we could do something like that in 1 bit!


@2bitcrook and I are planning to do an enhanced Tackle Box for FX. Not sure if that would be a launch title or featured title or?

Also I’m a bit behind the curve on FX. @Mr.Blinky when you say “Flash can be read randomly at byte level”, does that mean any byte at all? Or just the currently loaded page? Trying to get a feel for how data access will work to guide what features to add to the game.

I guess we all took a holiday break :slight_smile: Yes, Reading is not done in pages. A read command is issued and a 24bit address follows. After that you can read one or more bytes.

Kind of reminds me of Another Wolrd

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Anyone still working on their games?

Yes. Still on it. Got a little performance hit due to complete move to the FX chip and adding sfx and music. But finally I could solve them. Soon I can start again adding new features to the game.