Leanna the Lion: Game Jam Entry

(Michael) #1

Here is my game jam entry, written it in a day

Leanna may be a lion, but she knows what she likes: She wants fresh meat from her favorite restaurant. ‘The zoo had to close’



Game is available for download at neoretro.games


  • V1.2 changed how sound status is handled

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(Molly C) #2

This is a lot of fun. Great graphics. Quite a challenge for me to get more than 100 points.

(Pharap) #3

Lions eating people? Instant success.

(Michael) #4

Thanks, it is quite challenging once the zoo keepers appear. At the 1 minute mark (hot sauce) score multiplier appears and makes all humans worth double points for 15 seconds. My current high score is 245, but it took me a while to get the timing down.

(Michael) #5

That’s what i thought when my brother came up with the idea. I couldn’t stop laughing.

(Erwin) #6

I do not know how to pass that part where something that looks like lasers appear

(Michael) #7

Easiest method to dodge the zoo keeper on the truck is to be on the bottom row and hit the (a) button just when his sight line touches you to jump past.

(Michael) #8

heres a video on how to dodge the zoo keeper.

(Molly C) #9

This is where I was getting stuck last night. :smiley:

(Scott) #10

@shdwwzrd, You shouldn’t be reading and modifying the EEPROM_AUDIO_ON_OFF byte in EEPROM directly.

  • There’s no need for the load sound state code after arduboy.begin() in setup().
    arduboy.begin() will have done that exact same thing already.

  • Instead of

  • Instead of
    if (arduboy.audio.enabled())

Also, it would be better to use EEPROM.update() instead of EEPROM.write() to save the high score. However, you could simplify both the Load() and Save() functiions by using EEPROM.get() and EEPROM.put() instead of writing individual bytes with a for loop.

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(Michael) #11

Thanks for your input, I never really looked closely at the arduboy audio code. I will make the audio changes suggested and modify my code to use eeprom.update(),

I’ll take a closer look at eeprom put() and get() functions



for the longest time I was avoiding the people with walking sticks thinking it’s a trap! lol

The laser toting zookeeper on the truck is difficult. Fun all the same!

(Michael) #13

LOL, Leanna doesn’t want to eat the old people huh?

The elderly, children and adult humans are on the menu,
If skilled the monkey and zoo keeper in the path are also tasty.
They taste better with Hot Sauce!

The elephant will trample Leanna.
The cage will ummm, cage Leanna.
The zoo keeper in the path and on the truck will knock Leanna out with a tranquiler dart.

The zoo keeper on the truck is the most difficult to avoid, but still possible.


Who did more than 310? :sunglasses:

(Michael) #15

WOW, my best is 263 for the Arduboy version.