Learning Partner / 学習パートナー

Hello, I’m looking for someone who would be willing to help me learn Japanese. Would also like someone who would like to learn programming together, or help me learn it, one of the main reasons I posted here. In exchange I can help them learn English and Spanish. Would anyone be interested?

Translated through Google Translate:
こんにちは、私は私が日本語を学ぶのを助けても構わないと思っている人を探しています。 私がここに投稿した主な理由の1つである、一緒にプログラミングを学びたい、または私がそれを学ぶのを手助けしたいと思う誰かもしたいです。 引き換えに、私は彼らが英語とスペイン語を学ぶのを助けることができます。 誰か興味がありますか?

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I think this is technically off-topic,
but I have this insatiable urge to help people,
so I’ll offer some advice at least.

Advice (Click to show)

First, if you can’t read hiragana and katakana yet, focus on learning those first.
Once you start to get your head around the phonetic/syllabary system,
things will start to seem a lot less cryptic.

Secondly, try watching some subtitled anime or live-action Japanese shows.
The subtitles improve your reading speed,
and listening to Japanese being spoken gives you a feel for how to pronounce the words.
I don’t know what sort of things you like to watch, but there’s an anime for every genre.
(Bleach comes to mind, purely because it uses a lot of Spanish words. I’ve never actually watched it, but I’ve skimmed the wiki.)

If you don’t get on with it, you might be able to find some subtitled live-action stuff, though it’s a bit harder to get hold of.
Personally I quite like Ken Shimura (a famous Japanese comedian).
Even if you can’t speak Japanese you can get the gist of what’s going on in most sketches.
(One of my favourites is the sketch where he gives English pronunciation lessons to students who already speak English.)

Thirdly, a tip for learning how to pronounce ‘tsu’ (つ/ツ):
The “ts” sound is similar to the “t’s” in “it’s”, so practise pronouncing “it’s” without the leading “i” sound.
“Tsunami” is a good word to practise on (it should sound like “tsoonami”, not “soonami” as you hear most westerners pronounce it).

And finally a few resources:

If you need any programming tips you can always ask on the forums.
I’m always happy to help people with programming problems on the forums or via PM.
(Though I’m not always around, so there might be some delay in replying.)

As you’ve seen I can offer the odd Japanese tip too,
but I don’t understand the language anywhere near enough to teach it.
I’m good at understanding the pronunciation and the culture,
but there’s still a lot I don’t know about the language.
(I can’t conjugate verbs without consulting an internet article.)

We may have to close this thread for being a bit off-topic at some point.
I for one won’t be closing it straight away though.

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I moved it to the Help Wanted section as it’s more of a request than it is Japanese content. Also, not to discourage anyone but the Japanese section is pretty quiet, it’s mostly for resources.

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Thank you @Pharap for trying to help. But I’m looking more for someone who would be willing to Skype with me and talk.

Sorry @bateske , didn’t mean to post off topic. I thought the Japanese section was for everything Japanese.

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To be honest, I’m in the same boat as you as far as this request, I would be happy with more Japanese friends :slight_smile:


I know what you mean. Im actually using a website called conversationexchange.com to find a language partner. That’s how I found an Italian language partner a year or so ago. Haven’t had anyone respond back from Japan (started messaging people a day or so ago), but my girlfriend says to be patient. If you like we could learn together too if you like the idea.

From what I gather, most Japanese-speaking Arduboy users talk mainly over Twitter or communication platforms that aren’t as well-known in the west rather than using the forum to discuss things.

I’d really love to know why.

Even if I was better at Japanese I wouldn’t be able to do that because I don’t have a microphone or a webcam.
(And I much prefer typing to talking for that matter.)


People like @obono, @chame and @emutyworks have made some excellent contributions to the forum.

Yuki has contributed quite a few games but doesn’t have a forum account as far as I’m aware.
(Yuki has a blog here, be warned that it’s in Japanese.)

There’s also cobinee (in Japanese again) and metalidol (again, Japanese).
(As brought to attention by @akkera102’s ‘antenna’ post. This one actually isn’t in Japanese.)

I think your girlfriend is right. Give it five days at least.

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