LED Too Bright? [Solved]

I’ve got a game installed on my Arduboy called 1010.
I’ve noticed that the LED lights are too bright, it’s causing me to get headaches.

Is there a way to make it less bright or disable it?

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If the sketch uses the setRGBled() function to control the LED, you could lower the parameter values to lower the brightness, or you could comment out all the calls to disable the LED.

If the sketch uses the digitalWriteRGB() function to control the LED, you could replace the calls with setRGBled() calls using the desired brightness values.

Cheers I’ll have a look tomorrow!

I forgot to say I got the game from Crait’s Arduboy Mate app. I looked for the game to manually edit it in the ide but can only find the hex file.

Links to the 1010 game source code can be found here:

Not being a programmer or pretending I know what I am doing.
I suspect this is what I need to alter, where in that bit of code to I put in the values?
arduboy.digitalWriteRGB(red, green, blue);
return can_place;

If want to disable the RGB LED completely, you only have to comment out the two lines, 437 and 541, containing arduboy.digitalWriteRGB. You do this by putting two forward slashes at the start of the line:

Line 437:

//     arduboy.digitalWriteRGB(red, green, blue);

Line 541:

//               arduboy.digitalWriteRGB(RGB_ON, RGB_OFF, RGB_OFF);

If you want the LEDs to still work but be dimmer, it’s a bit more complicated. Let me know if you want this and I’ll try to explain what to do.
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I’ve made changes to lower the LED brightness for the 1010 game. With permission from the original author, @mwm, I’ve made my modified version available on GitHub at:

If you wish to adjust the brightness of any LED to be a different level than what I’ve used, you can change the values under the LED brightness comment near the top of the file then re-compile it.