LeWord [V1.2]

LeWord.arduboy (43.1 KB)

LeWord for the Arduboy FX

Play Wordle LeWord on the Arduboy in English or French (or is it Québécois?).

Press Play on Tape is proud to present its first FX only game. This game takes advantage of the additional FX memory to store two separate dictionaries each with thousands of words each.


Graphics          @vampirics
Code                @filmote

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File
BIN            BIN File



Tips and tricks …

  • from the main menu, press B to view the statistics of the chosen language.
  • from within the game, press B to delete a letter (or you can use the backspace key)
  • from within the game, press and hold B to cancel the current game. If you have had guesses, it will impact your statistics. If you have not guessed yet, it will not.
  • from the statistics page, press and hold B to clear the score for the current language. It will not affect the other language.

Congrat’s on your 2nd FX game! I guess your 3rd one will be an FX Jam entry :wink:


No doubt you’ve got your own scheme, but there’s a nice word list and compression here~

Yup, we already have all the 5 letters words we need in 2 languages. Game is pretty much all done, just tweaking details.

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nooooo, i’m also working on a wordle haha: GitHub - justecorruptio/ardle

I spent all my time getting the english wordle wordlist in 15k to try to fit in nonFX…


Still a good thing for non FX users :wink:

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Oh I’m sorry … I guess that is the risk of making a popular game - others may be doing it as well. As @Vampirics mentioned, a non-FX version will appeal to more people.

Version 1.0 Released!


I like the addition of the dude bumping into the keyboard animation and being able to delete the last letter by pressing B :+1:

Hmm, seems to freeze when you press enter when there are no letters selected.

The little animations are awesome!

This is great was waiting for a clone :smiley:

Why would you do that? :slight_smile:

Anyhow, its now fixed in the code. Thanks for pointing it out.

Version 1.1 now released!

Now includes a statistics graph - just like the real one! If you do not want to lose your existing stats, do not upgrade as it overwrites the EEPROM.



So nice. Tellement joli.
Gratz for the presentation efforts in addition of the quality of your games. Always a pleasure to see your creations.
Félicitations pour la qualité de vos présentations / graphiques en plus de la qualité de vos jeux. C’est toujours un plaisir de découvrir vos créations et d’y jouer


Just fixed a little issue with incorrect words.

Version 1.2 released!


These games are so addictive it’s almost like our brain developed to understand language.

Updated the title for the new revision :slight_smile:


Great game. Love the little animated touches :slight_smile:
Also cool that you’ve added French. That’ll definitely be a new challenge!

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Its a challenge for me … I have about 5 words of French.