Libraries for Arduboy

Hello all! I was wondering if there were software libraries for Arduboy, like there are on Gamebuino. I don’t want to have to create GUIs and keyboards from scratch, so is there a function I could call or software I could download to achieve this? Thanks!

Yep! Download them on Github:
And then see this guide for how to clone them through git
Getting Started with the Arduboy Dev-Kit 📄

So this is the arcade were you download the games from? Sorry im not understanding completely.

This is the library that you can install within the Arduino IDE. It will allow you to make games as well as load examples others have produced. There are two examples in the library itself: Flappyball and Ardubreakout. After installing the Arduboy libary in the IDE, you can then look through the games category where you will find other sketches people have produced, and some instructions to download and install their sketch (most of the time it will be github). Sketches are the term given to the source loaded onto an arduino to be run. The convention is to put that source into a .ino file. So this folder holds the sketch that is flappy ball, which can be loaded on to the Arduboy.

I’d also recommend reading Arduino’s guide, Installing Additional Arduino Libraries.

Ok thanks. Do you know if this is were the Mario clone that was shown in one of the videos will be downloadable from?

Yes, try this codebender link. I don’t have a guide for using codebender, but… you have options

  1. use codebender: as long as you select the leonardo board, and install their extension for your browser, everything should work correctly.

  2. copy and paste the code into files locally, install the arduboy libs and upload the sketch through the Arduino IDE.

Thanks! My favorite game haha.

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Thanks for your quick reply! I just have a couple dumb questions to ask.

  1. Can Arduboy swap games without a computer?
  2. Do the libraries you showed me include GUIs and a keyboard?
  3. Can everything I will need to do to code for Arduboy be done on Mac OS X?


Feel free to ask any questions. I usually try to answer any questions posted on this forum.

Answers to Questions

  1. Can Arduboy swap games without a computer? Yes you can. Checkout @Atomic's video and source to see how it can be done.
  2. Do the libraries you showed me include GUIs and a keyboard? The libraries themselves don't require a gui. The libs are loaded into the Arduino IDE which is a gui. You will encounter IDE's for different programming situations throughout your career, and most of them will include a GUI. You are free to use any development environment you wish in the end, to do so you can probably google how to setup the environment for your particular editor, or adapt guides for editors that are similiar. For example here is a guide on how to use [Eclipse as your IDE][1].
  3. Can everything I will need to do to code for Arduboy be done on Mac OS X? Yes, everything can be done using a Mac. The Arduino IDE is done in java which works on most systems pretty well, including Mac OS. In most cases look for Linux instructions on how to do something in Mac. The Mac Os is based on the BSD source and is a unix-like Os, so linux instructions will almost always work.

Thank you! Wow, this stuff is more complex than I imagined! Ah well, best sort it all out tomorrow. I’m up late and I can barely think straight.

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We are working on better documents for beginners to get started, it would be great if you have time to give feedback on anything you learn along the way so we can make sure we cover it for other users as well.

In the future we will be able to allow you to upload games without programming as well as all the resources necessary for more intermediate and advanced users.

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Ok! It’ll be quite a while until I get my Arduboy, but I’ll definitely leave feedback once it finally ships.

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Hey bateske - I’ve started some documentation for my own reference over on my GitHub account. Is that something that could be shared or I’d be glad to volunteer to assist with documentation. The other games that are being created and shown on here are awesome! Such a fun platform. Kudos!

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I think there is some effort by @davidperrenoud to get the library using doxygen:

Personally, I think inline comments would be a massive benefit for newbies like me :slight_smile:

My changes to Arduboy.h based on @unclesporky’s reference were merged by @ekem in a recent commit (but not the changes to core.h, audio.h and the Doxyfile).

I can try to make a pull request with the remaining changes if there is interest.

Yeah I rolled just the docs, ill have an api page up soon!