Light Meter

I’m not sure if this falls under useful or useless. I’ll let others be the judge.

It’s definitely useless in the emulator. You’ll have to load it into a real Arduboy.

ArduboyLightMeter.hex (32.7 KB)

Source code is here:

The technique used may be of some use in other sketches, such as:

  • An alarm triggered by the ambient light level.

  • Something similar to a tilt sensor. A light falling on the Arduboy at various angles would give readings somewhat proportional to the angle.

  • “Wireless” optical communication between two Arduboys or an Arduboy and some other device. One device could modulate a light source while the other receives it, and vice versa.


Very clever. I was looking for some kind of undocumented input to play around with, but this would never cross my mind.

Great! I need to combine your sketch with Chirp (most useless) for extra sneaky annoyance

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