Lion Tamer [Game Jam 5]

Lion.hex (60.6 KB)

Inspired by yet another Game and Watch, PPOT presents Lion Tamer.

Someone has left the lion’s cage doors open! Keep them from escaping by blocking their path with your trusty chair. Play alone, with a second lion tamer or, for the ultimate challenge, play both sides at once!

Graphics          @vampirics
Code                @filmote
Lion Roar         @uXe

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File
Emulator    Project ABE Emulator

Sound can be toggled on and off from the title screen using the Up and Down buttons.
Scores can be reset by pressing and holding the Left and Right buttons for a few seconds.






Demo, please!

Still a WIP … actually even that is being generous.

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Heard. But the screen shot reminds me of Atari. Excited to see it.

Seems fun ! Keep going :slight_smile:

I hope this game has a lot of particles!

Yeah … it does have particles. They are scattered when the lion gets the tamer (or hopefully will have).

ArduboyRecording (3)

OK, I have particles!

At the moment, I have only wired up the left hand side player mechanics. I am wondering if I should have a single player game as well as the two player one.

The game speeds up as your score gets higher.

I also need some sound effects, etc.


Looks like a terrible way to die…

In my opinion, a single player option is a good idea, because it could expands the interest of the game. Moreover, it looks like you’re almost done with that single player mode ?

Yes I tend to agree. I was originally interested in making a really simple two player game as there a few (none?) on the Arduboy but why not have a single player mode.

As for dying this way … not sure a lion tamer would explode but I needed particles!


In the nicest way possible:
For some reason I think they look like baboons. (Very angry baboons at that.)

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On first glance, I saw triceratops.

Great an original G&W game. I’m sure i’ll like as you always take care of the gameplay

There is no way to be nice about my artwork. @Vampirics thought it looked like a Koala.

Its supposed to look like this:

Screenshot_2020-08-07 game and watch lion - Google Search

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Aha! I didn’t know what the lions were supposted to be. But I did get a game & watch vibe from the dudes.

OK, so @Vampirics felt sorry for me and my kindergartyen level graphics. He has provided new graphics for the ‘pacing’ lion but I need to rework the attacking lion images.

ArduboyRecording (4)


Particle effect looks SO cool.

I need to hide the scoreboard while the player is ‘exploding’ so you get the full effect.

What if… now hear me out… what if the bottom left and right board explodes too. Would be way too much particle effects, but it personally would make me happy. :P

I am all for explosions - after all I used to love MythBusters!

However, don’t the players want to see their scores at the end of a game?