Lite/Out - A "turn off all the lights"-style game


Lite/Out is a game where you have to turn off all of the lights, but every time you change a light, the surrounding lights change. The game consists of a 5-by-5 grid where some of the blocks are lit up. You’ll complete the level when all of the blocks are not lit. The game will continue indefinitely (or until you exceed the max value of an unsigned int :grin:). The game randomly generates levels and, after a ton of testing, it appears that the algorithm will always generate solvable puzzles.


Move the cursor to a block and press A to toggle the block and its surrounding blocks. The level is complete when all blocks are off.

If you’re totally stuck, press B to bring up the “Give Up!” menu. From there, you can either resume the game or regenerate the level.


  1. Make sure you have the latest Arduboy2 library installed
  2. Download the Source Code ZIP from GitHub
  3. Unzip the file and rename the folder from “ArduboyLiteOut-master” to “LiteOut”
  4. Open the “LiteOut.ino” file in the Arduino IDE
  5. Hit the upload button and enjoy!

Final Note

If you encounter any errors, let me know! Also, if you encounter an unsolvable puzzle, snap a photo and let me know. Lastly, if anyone has any tips on taking good photos of the Arduboy’s screen, I’d appreciate them.

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Can I host this on my Arduboy Manager repository?

Absolutely! That would awesome. Thanks!

This game is awesome, but im stuck on level 5 xD

It’s EOROID clone from C=64 :slight_smile:

I had never heard of EOROID - it looks a little bigger than this one, LOL

Nice necro-post though.