Little Rook Chess

Demo_Little Rook Chess_Little Rook Chess.hex

Little Rook Chess

Little Rook Chess is a chess program with a graphics front end. It was Originally developed as a demo application for my graphics library, U8glib. Little Rook Chess is now part of U8g2, the latest version of my graphics lib.


  • Most of the chess rules are known
  • Nice graphics
  • Undo option
  • Runs on an Arduboy 1.0, no changes to the source needed
  • The Developer’s Kit will work after altering LittleRookChess.ino - related topic
  • Compared to the original version, I fixed some bugs and improved graphics for the Arduboy.
  • Well… ok… buildin computer player is not sooo strong… but i guess ok for an 8Bit controller.


Written instructions and a video of the installation process to load Little Rook Chess on an Arduboy using the Arduino IDE are provided. Please reply to this topic if you have any problems or questions.
Video Walkthrough of Little Rook Installation, by @noel_abercrombie.

Installing Little Rook Chess

Before proceeding, make sure you have the latest version of the Arduino IDE installed.

1. Install the U8g2 library

  • Using the Arduino IDE’s Library Manager, search for ‘U8g2’ and install the latest version of the U8g2 library.

2. Load the Little Rook Chess example

  • The Little Rook sketch can be found in the games section along with the other Examples provided by U8g2 when it was installed. The examples for installed libraries can found using the Arduino IDE’s menu bar, under File > Examples.
      File > Examples > U8g2 > Games > LittleRookChess

3. Compile the source and upload the game to your Arduboy

  • Press the Verify and Upload buttons in the top left of the IDE.

The Arduino IDE status window will report the size of the compilation, Sketch uses 19,362 bytes (67%)... and then begin uploading the Little Rook game. During the game upload, your Arduboy will reboot. When the Arduboy powers back on, it will boot Little Rook Chess and you are reay to start playing.

Game Instructions

The actions for each of the buttons in Little Rook are displayed in the image at the top of the this topic.

More Information

The original page for Little Rook Chess is here.

The current source for Little Rook can be found on Github.

Description for the graphics library U8g2 is here. Arduboy is fully supported by U8g2.



Love it! Wheres the checkers at!?

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Sorry to be a bother, but I can’t seem to install this one. How do I do so?

Installing this is a bit different from usual and caught me out until I reread the instructions carefully…
You install it by using the library manager under Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries, then searching and installing U8g2. The game should show up under file->Examples->U8g2->games->LittleRookChess


  1. Open Arduino IDE
  2. Open the Library Manager
  3. Search for u8g2. Install u8g2 library.
  4. Open Examples->U8g2->games->little rook chess
  5. Compile and upload as usual to Arduboy

Hope this helps


Thanks Bruce for the nice animation.



Thanks @olikraus,

So cool that this works out of the box with the Arduboy. :heart_eyes:

I was checking this game out earlier. The ai is actually really good! Is there any way to turn off the green led though? Its really bright. Ive just been putting my finger over it in the meantime

Green LED? At least the current version of Little Rook Chees does not turn on any LED. So you mean the power LED? I guess this is a more general question. It least i do not even know wether this can be turned off at all.


Edit: At least for my personal Arduboy no LED is turned on. Only charging LED if connected to USB port.

this is what i was talking about. Its on the whole time i play the game. I used the arduboy manager for windows

Strange. I followed your instructions to install little rook through the actual arduino program and now theres no led.

Might be minor problem with arduboy manager

Hey @Crait any clues?

If it helps i can load the game from arduboy manager and then from the arduino software and take pics of the results.

But id tried loading from arduboy manager several times and the arduboy had the green led on every time. But when i used the arduino software, no led.

I know next to nothing about programming, but if i can help by showing the issue i will

I got the .HEX from another user on the forum, so it’s possible that they modified the code, then gave me the modified .HEX instead of the one that you’d make from this source code. Let me see what I can do about that.

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I signed up just to say it’s a beautiful game. Thanks for making it!