Live connection to Arduboy


Anyway to make live connection from PC to Arduboy via USB-cable.

So you fx can use the Arduboy as display of speedometer or current gear or some other telemetry when drivning racing games on PC?


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By default, the Arduboy appears as a USB serial device to a PC or other USB host. You can use the Arduino Serial functions to send and receive data. (The Arduboy is equivalent to a Leonardo).

You can also have the Arduboy appear as a PC keyboard, mouse, or game controller. In theory, the Arduboy could act as almost any type of USB client device.

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Thanx for the quick response :smile:

Yes, via Serial

If you only need Windows support and are happy with C# or C++ code then I maybe be able to provide you with some examples.

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C# examples would be very welcome :smiley:

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Anything relating to the device change event is Windows specific because it relies on “Windows Management Instrumentation”, but anything relating to SerialPort should be cross platform.

thanx :smiley:

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