Live Stream Development & Tutorial

Sounds awesome. If you put up a solid schedule I’ll pin this topic for the duration of your broadcasts.

I was thinking it’d be cool to do that too. I was wondering how to set up two webcams on Mac so you can stream a view of the Arduboy as well. I’ve streamed before so I have that all set up, two cams would be the only challenge.

I’m in!

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I’m trying to set up some of the things I’ll need to stream and post up notes, I’m aiming for maybe 2 repeat sessions this Sunday one in the morning and one at night time. I got to set a few things up but worst case scenario I’ll definitely be doing one either this Sunday or the next one.

Tonight at 7pm est I’ll be hosting a small mini twitch stream of me doing some arduboy dev’ing.

There are still a few things I want to do before getting heavily into it, so I will be calling this “Episode 0”.

I set up a blog to post notes and abbreviated videos of the twitch stream for anyone who wants to join in at a later date @

We will be going over just getting your environment set up and making a tiny little arduboy demo as I’m trying to cater to an audience who might not have any development experience. I’ll be posting the link to the twitch channel here close to the start time as well as on the blog page. Hope to see anyone who is interested there! :smiley:

Just to get this right - this will be UTC -5 hours, right?

That’s 2 AM in Germany :smile:

But I’ll definitely watch the recording.

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Yea I know people from different part of the world would have some troubles participating, but when i start episode 1 I’ll do a morning and a night time stream so people from different time zones can participate.

Can you please link the Twitch stream?

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You can find the stream at

I should be on in an hour, and I plan on posting resources on

haha nice website :smiley:

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thanks kev!

I under anticipated the amount of time it would actually take me to write down the notes and lessons for each episodes but I’m trying to finish the notes and video splicing for sometime tomorrow before I do my next streaming session. Feel free to check out what I have written so far even though its not proof read or revised yet as well as being incomplete.

I’m hoping to stream every Sunday at the same time (7pm EST) Tomorrow I might actually do it a little earlier. But I record all my streams and will upload them with the lessons notes (that I’m still working on) to my website for anyone who couldn’t participate.

I don’t know if I’m looking at the wrong time or if your streams are just really short, but I missed this Sunday’s stream too :confused:

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I strongly recommend creating a meeting point. My suggestion will always be the Arduboy IRC channel. If the provider of the stream idles in there around the time of the broadcast, other users can quickly find that broadcaster and ask questions or make sure they have the right time. Just my two cents : )


Any joy uploading the streams? can’t catch it live due to timezone issues and childcare commitments, but keen to check them out!


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Sorry for the delayed response I’ve been swamped with other non arduboy related items for the last few days. I’ve been having some technical issues recently with the video streams and I can’t install Adobe Premiere so I’m trying to fix that so I can remove all the junk from the videos before uploading since I think its pointless to upload a 1 hour + recording.

I’m going to get more scheduled with the timing I can definetly use the Arduboy IRC to set up a meeting point. I’m still getting my feet wet with some of these streams/recordings/documentions so please excuse the rough edges for now.

With that said If anyone wants some of the info I already uploaded please check out the blog I set up specifically for these lessons at

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Blender does video editing and is pretty baller at it. So now you are never stuck using Adobe products anymore, unless that is your absolute preference. Good luck!

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No worries, don’t stress over it if you are busy with other things, thanks for the update!

Thanks for everyone who should up. It was a successful stream and I was able to touch on the topics I planned on covering! Like always I’ll be posting the notes on the blog in the following days.

With that said. Does anyone know if it is possible to emulate the arduboy? Having my webcam recording the arduboy itself makes things a little hard to see at times and If there was someway to emulate the arduboy or arduino on my screen that would be alot better for streaming purposes.

Emulator is a work in progress! @ekem has something in development, there is a thread somewhere here on the board about it! Sorry I couldn’t make it this time, I should really join in on this!


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