Loading games via OSX?

How do I upload a game to the arduboy via OSX? On the arduboy game loader page, it says there is only a windows version.

Any workarounds for OSX aside from using a virtual machine? Is there a way to import the sketch + assets into the Arduino OSX app?

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Yes in fact the Game Loader is a new tool, and the way to load games for a long time has been using Arduino.

Nearly all the games are posted with their github links within the games section of the forum so you can either clone the git if you’re familiar with that or download the zip.

There is more details in the quick start guide as well.

Thanks! Got it working via:

  • Go to https://github.com/SethRobinson/arduman_arduboylib11
  • Click “Clone or Download”
  • Click “Download”
  • In OSX, unzip the downloaded zip
  • Rename the folder from arduman_arduboylib11-master to arduman_arduboylib11
  • Double click the arduman_arduboylib11.ino file to open in the Arduino IDE
  • Hit the install button (from installing games tutorial)


Great success! Very Nice!