Local development setup

Does anyone have a nice local development setup with the emulator and Arduino (or ardubino-build) such that when you recompile you can immediately see your new results in the emulator, etc?

IE, just a nice local workflow to constantly see your app as you are working on it?

I you use ProjectABE and open the .hex file, it will immediately restart when it detects that the file has changed. Does this suit your needs? This works on Windows but unfortunately not on my Macintosh.

By way of IDEs, I use VSCode myself and really like it.

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I second this.

One of the nice things about VSCode is that it has the ability to open a command line (e.g. cmd for Windows) inside the editor, allowing you to run commands and scripts.

(I’ve been using this feature to build documentation with Doxygen without leaving the window.)

So even if ProjectABE didn’t automatically restart,
it ought to be possible to kill it and restart it from the command line,
and you can easily write scripts to do that, e.g. KillAndRelaunch.bat.

I’ve been seeing about altering it. The whole “skin” thing does nothing for me at all and just gets in the way. A browser window with a full window (not full screen) view would be just able perfect.

Is this already built-in perhaps and I just don’t know it? Some type of boring skin?

Not that I am aware of.

Oh wow, just hit F3 a few times. :slight_smile: Super nice.

Ha … I did it too! The default is the best though.