Lode Runner FX

LodeRunner_FX.hex (77.0 KB)

Lode Runner FX

Press Play on Tape presents Lode Runner (again)! This version of Lode Runner contains the original 150 levels plus four bonus, vanity levels in a single FX image.

The original non-FX version can be found here.

For those unfamiliar with the game, your mission is to collect all of the gold pieces without being touched by a guard. Once all pieces are collected, make your way to the top of the screen and to the next level. To stop the guards, you can burn a hole in normal bricks to your left or right (with the A or B button) and they will fall in, revealing any gold they might have picked up along the way.


Special Thanks

@Mr.Blinky of course for the FX itself and guidance in how to convert this game to the FX.


Download the code or HEX file here.

Do not download the image from the emulator above as it is a nobbled version that contains the first 40 levels only. I could not work out how to load the hex and make the data file available for the inbuilt emulator.

Alternatively, you can wait for the Press Play on Tape flash cart image which will be available soon.


The game features the original 150 levels plus four vanity levels. Due to the size of the Arduboy screen, it is often beneficial to review the levels before playing.

Game 1 Levels
Game 2 Levels
Game 3 Levels
Game 4 Levels


That was fast!

Just a question, does the distributable folder hold a fx version or just the classic versions?

It’s the left over normal version. Need to remove them :grinning:

I’ve also got a request. Would you mind moving the levelData.txt to fxdata.txt in the same folder as the ino ? This will allow easy uploading FX data with the pending Arduboy FX Arduino plugin.

I have put the .hex, .bin (data) and .png in the distributable directory for those wanting to compile this game into their own flash cart.


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I see you made a copy. That’s fine as long as it is in sync with levelData.txt if any (future) changes are made fxdata.txt must be updated again or better include " fxdata.h" from the ino folder too and make levelData.* obselete

So your new changes are going to pick it up and compile it automatically … but it needs to be in the root?

That’s OK, I have moved it and changed its name to fxdata.h ans changed references. I will be ready for your new library!

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As I was only reading in levels, the changes were very self contained. Your assistance helped too!

yes the plugin will create the fxdata.h, fxdata.bin file and upload the FX data. Basically when you open a FX source with Arduino IDE you build and upload the FX Data first and then upload the sketch 2nd to play an FX game from source

Will this work in VSCode? Please tell me it will :slight_smile: It uses the Arduboy IDE indirectly to compile.

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idk. Haven’t looked into VSCode yet.

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Compiles and uploads just perfectly :smiley:


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and the plugin is now available :slight_smile:


Sorry for the inconvenience but could you move it to subfoldr fxdata in the sketch folder?

I discovered that it if the Arduino editor is used as editor, changes in fxdata.h in sketch folder do not take effect unless the sketch is closed and reopened again. Moving the file into subfolder fixes that problem.


Its these idiosyncrasies that make me dislike the Arduino IDE.

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Thanks! Compiles and uploads nicely :slight_smile:

There are quite a few quirks (and learned a few more while doing the plugin). I use an external editor (notepad++) and use it only for compiling and uploading. ALT+TAB, CTRL+U works just nicely :slight_smile:

ALT+TAB, CTRL+U … that’s a bit old school.

I guess I am :slight_smile: (and a bit lazy, dragging the mouse around is too much work :stuck_out_tongue: )

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… or you could get VSCode or even the Atom-based Arduino IDE.

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first time I heard of it. Will have a look at that. I’m not too fond of the VSCode interface feels like I need a 4K monitor for it. Talking about VSCode. I didn’t see a way to get access to the tools menu yet. Know too little about it to see if a custom option can be added.