Lode Runner: Game 1 Levels


Levels in Game 1

The following images are from the original level designer. Where possible, I have included the level exactly as per the original. The escape ladders - shown in some images and absent from others - have been added to all my levels in appropriate places if not known - typically extensions of existing ladders where possible.

Level 1                                                                Level 2
Lode_Runner_level1    Lode_Runner_level2

Level 3                                                                Level 4
Lode_Runner_level3   Lode_Runner_level4

Level 5                                                                Level 6
Lode_Runner_level5   Lode_Runner_level6

Level 7                                                                Level 8
Lode_Runner_level7   Lode_Runner_level8

Level 9                                                               Level 10
Lode_Runner_level9   Lode_Runner_level10

Level 11                                                             Level 12
Lode_Runner_level11   Lode_Runner_level12

Level 13                                                             Level 14
Lode_Runner_level13   Lode_Runner_level14

Level 15                                                             Level 16
Lode_Runner_level15   Lode_Runner_level16

Level 17                                                             Level 18
Lode_Runner_level17   Lode_Runner_level18

Level 19                                                             Level 20
Lode_Runner_level19   Lode_Runner_level20

Level 21                                                             Level 22
Lode_Runner_level21   Lode_Runner_level22

Level 23                                                             Level 24
Lode_Runner_level23   Lode_Runner_level24

Level 25                                                             Level 26
Lode_Runner_level25   Lode_Runner_level26

Level 27                                                             Level 28
Lode_Runner_level27   Lode_Runner_level28

Level 29                                                             Level 30
Lode_Runner_level29   Lode_Runner_level30

Level 31                                                             Level 32
Lode_Runner_level31   Lode_Runner_level32

Level 33                                                             Level 34
Lode_Runner_level33   Lode_Runner_level34

Level 35                                                             Level 36
Lode_Runner_level35   Lode_Runner_level36

Level 37                                                             Level 38
Lode_Runner_level37   Lode_Runner_level38

Level 39                                                             Level 40
Lode_Runner_level39   Lode_Runner_level40

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Thank you(@filmote ). This is one of my favourite arduboy game. I would like to program as like you for my sons.

It is such a simple but great game.

I also ported this to the Pokitto …



@filmote This is incredible! I’m impressed with the ability to fit 40 levels in the atmega’s memory! I really admire your professionalism :clap:

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If you have an ESPBoy, you can also get it here > GitHub - ESPboy-edu/ESPboy_Arduboy2_lib: ESPboy port of the Arduboy2 library to compile, run and play Arduboy games

I was so disappointied that I couldn’t fit 50 in each version - this would have reduced it to three games.