Lode Runner Level Editor

I have a level editor for Lode Runner for those interested. You can find the installer for Windows here > https://github.com/filmote/LodeRunnerEditor/releases

Lode Runner currently allows for four HEX files with approximately 40 levels in each file. The distributed code has 153 levels with 40 in games 1, 2 and 3 and 33 in the final game.


The editor is packaged as a typically Windows Installer. Copy setup.exe and Setup.msi into a from GitHub into a temporary directory and start the process by running the setup.exe file.

All level data is stored in a single file called Level.h which is located in the src/Levels directory.

Simply open the data file from the Open menu and start editing.

A few design rules:

  • Currently Lode Runner assumes there is four HEX files of approximately 40 games each. At present, you cannot have more than 4 HEX files but that is an easy change if someone wants to develop more than 4. PM me.

  • Each level must have 1 player, 1 or more enemies, 1 or more gold pieces and at least one level ladder that enables the player to reach the top of the screen after all gold pieces are picked up.

  • The number of levels for each game must be specified in the ‘Export’ tab. Due to the different compression ratios used, you may find after compiling that the average 40 levels is too big for a single game and you may have to move levels from one game to the next.


Once you have designed your levels, open the project and edit the Levels.h file within the Arduino IDE and ensure the GAME_NUMBER define is set to 1, as shown below:

#define GAME_NUMBER 1

Compile the game. Find the HEX file in the output directory and rename it to indicate that this is the first HEX file in the sequence.

Alter the line to read:

#define GAME_NUMBER 2

Compile the game again. Find the HEX file in the output directory and rename it to indicate that this is the second HEX file in the sequence.

Rinse and repeat.


This is a little rough and ready but does the job. Please respond in this thread or via PM with problems, questions or you need more than 4 games.