Log Out selection has disappeared

Up until today, I was able to log out of this site by clicking on my profile picture in the upper right of the page. The Log Out selection no longer appears when I do this.

Can this be added back in?

It’s still there for me, but inside the settings menu.

(or, more specifically, click on the “preferences gear”)

it was likely done with an update made by discourse, I’ll see if its easy to add back in but yeah you are able to go and click on user settings and log out from there

I agree, it is not there for me either in that menu. Until it is fixed, you can still vist your profile and then click logout that way. You can also get to the profile with the keystrokes: g + p

Yes, I should have mentioned that I knew that, but it’s still an extra click and mouse movement that wasn’t required before, and there’s no good reason for the change, as far as I can see.

I imagine it will be back in an update. If you visit http://meta.discourse.org and create an account, the option to logout is there, so it might have been accidentally removed on the projects last PR, and we’ll see it again later? I didn’t see anything right away in https://meta.discourse.org/c/bug?order=op_likes&status=open

Problem solved. I found the option to enable the logout link in the user dropdown. :banana: