Logix - Game Jam 3

Well that’s the point of the game - learn how the gates work individually then see how you can combine them. I have the solutions if you get stuck!

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Thanks @crait … at first I though the limit I introduced of 6 gates would be a limitation but actually the puzzles get really hard when you include even 3 of them!

If its puzzle based, I am sure we all will love it …


Loving the idea, and the execution! :+1:

Don’t know if you would consider it a ‘bug’, but I don’t feel like the LED should light up with no connection made on the left hand side of the gates??



Have to try it later, first cleaning the house now🙄

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You of all people must know that an inverter has a magical power source that produces an output when there is no input. Looks great on that big screen!

Is that another game for the Jam? Sounds exciting.


Well, the graphics are a bit boring😆 so it wouldn’t stand a chance as a content entry, besides the game mechanics are very repetitive😆
At least i have prepared everything for a nice barbecue this afternoon, too and my arduboy is loaded with the game and i printed the instructions as well. But if i keep checking the forums i‘ll never finish my work😆


back, forward, back, forward.

You’ll get the hang of it really easily. Good luck!


With hubby and kids occupied, i found the time to solve level 2 :slight_smile:
Thinking about how my stepdad tried to explain such gates to me when i was young, i bet he now would be proud and sulky at the same time :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:


My cat says he is first :roll_eyes: :laughing:


You can use boolean algebra to help solve this type of “game”. Here are a couple of videos that introduce the subject:


My cat sits and watches the ‘mouse’. move around the computer screen.

Nice one. Some of the later puzzles might require this sort of solution. The second video is much better than the first.

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Yes, i did it, i found time to test it. It is very polished and optical appealing. It is still not my preferred type of game, but it is well made.

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No … not everyone’s cup of tea. Its and educational game hence its not fun or appealing!


Has anyone (other than @Vampirics) picked the theme tune? Bass line from a classic ‘80s song …


Maybe it is not so educational then, because it IS fun and appealing - just not the kind of game i could play for hours. I think it is only me, not the sort of the tea that fills my cup :laughing:


The controls are a bit hard to get used to (which is understandable - I completely agree that having more buttons would make it easier to play).

Currently at level 13.

The only thing I dislike about it is having to wire the switches up to the positive and negative lines.
For an electrical simulator it makes sense, but for a logic simulator I think it would be better to ‘streamline’ it.

Do you mean have them already wired? I could do that but actually you can solve some of th solutions differently by wiring the upper connector to negative and the lower connector to positive.

Edit: I should have asked if the puzzles are too simple or too hard?

Edit on Edit: Are you solving them on paper then modelling it in the game?

The way I see it, wiring the upper connection to negative and the lower to positive essentially just inverses the input to the switch,
while wiring both to positive or both to negative simply disables the switch, so rather than using two inputs for that, unless there are puzzles where you specifically need to disable the switch, it might be better to just have a single input to the switch that can be inverted (or cycled between regular, inverse and off).

Depends what other people think though.

Either that or have the default configuration as being wired up since most puzzles use the normal configuration and not need to be reversed.

I don’t think that’s a fair judgement for me to make since I’m generally good at puzzles and have experience with logic gates.

I’ve written down the requirements on paper one or two times, but I haven’t needed to model them on paper so far. Some puzzles have been solved in 5 seconds flat, some have taken a few minutes but pretty much all of them I’ve solved in my head/with the game.

Quick question:
Level 14 is missing an input in the third column.
Is that a mistake or does that mean ‘unspecified’?

And Level 15’s first column lists three inputs but the puzzle only has two… and then a third switch appears later?

Correct. The first puzzle, the inverter, could have been solved simply by reversing the switch. The puzzles simply dictate an input (switch up / switch down) and the corresponding outputs.


I would hope that most of the puzzles after Level 8 couldn’t be solved that quickly …

Sounds like a mistake.

They’ve been getting more difficult, but time taken to solve varies.

Again, I’m probably not very representative - I’m pretty good with puzzles.