LOGO - code for drawing

Logo (or Turtle graphics) is a neat way to teach geometry, logic and programming.

It would be wonderful if we could get a nice version for Arduboy, sending commands from a laptop keyboard via terminal (using Arduino IDE) and having the Arduboy render them on screen. Bonus points to use the direction buttons to step back and forwards through the commands sent. Would be a great teaching aid.

Currently all I could find was this:


This is along similar lines to what I was aiming for with Easter Panic.

It doesn’t do diagonal drawing, but it does feature commands that can be stepped through.

(I did start working on a version 2, but I got conflicting feedback over how to overhaul the UI so I stopped. If you look at the GitHub, you’ll notice a few branches with different UI variations.)

(Another interesting thing you can do with turtle graphics is draw fractals by combining turtle graphics with Lindenmayer systems.)


I learned turtle graphics when I was like 9


Thanks - I think I’d missed that. Looks really interesting. But for teaching, I’d like to use my laptop keyboard and just use the Arduboy as a mini display.

I think I was around 8 in the UK, with the classic BBC micro :nerd_face:

How old would you have been in a different country? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It could be modified to do that. The point was more that it has commands corresponding to directions.

Specifically it has a concept of an Action which consists of an ActionID and a parameter.

With the right modifications, you could just pipe actions over serial. The core logic is here.

(It’s a bit messy, partly because it’s old and partly because it was made in roughly two days for a contest. There’s also a bug that means ‘double speed’ mode doesn’t work.)

Presumably you taught yourself or learnt from a booklet?
Or did schools actually teach programming back then?

By my time they certainly weren’t teaching programming in school. I was in college before I saw my first line of proper code.

The closest we ever got to programming was Flowol and the Pixie:


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