LongCat - Puzzle game

I made a little puzzle game inspired in the longcat minigame from the Fancade Android game.
It’s still a work in progress.


You can download the game and check the code here: LongCat Arduboy.

Added game graphics thanks to @Dreamer2345. He also has brought elegance to my messy code.

Edit 2:
Added levels up to 100.
Level generator
Sound fx
More graphics
End screen
Select level
Save state

longcat.ino.micro.hex (74.1 KB)


I’m a simple man: I see cats, I like.

You might want to replace boot with begin though, as a precaution so people can still use ‘flashlight’ mode if need be.

Feel free to ask if you need any help or advice.


Its quite a cute game :3
longcat.ino.leonardo.hex (26.0 KB)

I have “boot” because it’s slightly faster to test but i’m changing it.

Next i’ll add autosave. Now with almost 50 levels its not really needed but eventually i’ll make more.

Now it’s cute! Those are some very nice graphics you added!

See ‘The boot logo’:

Basically: you can skip the boot logo by holding right and then releasing it, by pressing it as the logo is scrolling, or by setting an EEPROM flag.

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The old boot conversation comes up again …

You can replace it with:


If you want to save a little memory and make the startup cleaner / quicker / have your own splash screeen.

I think there were entire news articles describing this as some “revolution”

One man working 4 years to make some sort of cross-platform framework so people can write games/simulations.

The sliding seem to be a bit slow, but perhaps it’s on the emulator.

Or, for less hassle, just arduboy.beginDoFirst(); will do.
Possibly with a arduboy.waitNoButtons(); after to avoid held buttons potentially causing issues, like skipping menus.

Very cute and fun game!

Very nice game! I assume level 46 is the end?

This is such a charming puzzle! Thank you :slight_smile:

There are 45 levels atm but the end of the game is not working properly.

I will take care of it when I find a quiet moment.

Also I want to add many more levels. As each level only takes 10 bytes there room for hundreds. If anyone designs some i’m open to include them.

Last update it saves progress and you can continue or start new.

Would you like some help with that?

I’m not sure what problem you mean, but having a quick look, I notice you have a maxlevel and a maxLevel, which looks like it might be causing some confusion.

This may be an issue which I may have added…

It was me while adding the save feature. I looked it up (copied) from another game and they call the saved level “maxLevel”. I just renamed it “savedLevel” and now it seems to both save and finish the game.

Now on to making new levels to justify saving! As it is now you can finish it in minutes.


It has now 80 levels. Enough for the time being.
I think it’s fun to play.
The difficulty increases but I can’t seem to make really difficult levels. I guess it just makes it a chill game. I’m ok with that.
Eventually I’ll add some sound, a better “win” screen and clean the code up.



80 levels is already fine. The things that could be cool is to have first levels (maybe the 80 first done) and to be able to add generated levels after (or even since the level 50, it’s already fine).
The difficulty is just to verify conditions to verify to be sure that the level can be done but then you’ll no more have level limitation, it’s became an infinite game…

This is such a nice little game. Love it!

Really enjoying this little game!