Looking for a programmer to make a roguelike game

So I have had my arduboy for about a week or so and love it to death, but there’s one problem. I’m looking for a certain style of game for it but cant find it anywhere. I’m extremely bad with the Arduino IDE and C++ so I was hoping to find someone to help me out.

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Do tell … what style of game is it? If it is space related, someone might help as part of the game jam.

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Sadly not space related quite the opposite really. Have you ever heard of the game pixel dungeon? I’m thinking something along those lines but mashed together with darkest dungeon and arduventure to make the perfect dungeon crawler. Ardungeon


That’s on Steam (and on my Steam wishlist).
It’s a roguelike, much like Quest Of Dungeons

It’s certainly possible.

Have you played Dark & Under?
(Ironically programmed by both myself and @filmote.)


… and not something you could knock out in a week.

True. And yes I have played Dark & Under but I was mostly looking for something that’s like a full on birds eye view of the dungeon/map but with similar way of fighting enemies. Pretty much Dark & Under, Pixel dungeon, and darkest dungeon hybrid if that make sense.

So a top-down tile-based roguelike.

It’s certainly possible, but it would be very difficult.
(Lack of screen space would be an issue for one thing.)

Are you just asking if someone would like to make a game or are you offering to team up with someone?
And if you did team up with someone, would you be able to do any of the art, programming or (possibly) sound?

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I would love to team up to make this happen! I’m not good with programming but I could definitely do some of the artwork.


In that case, I’ve changed your post’s category to the ‘help wanted category’ and changed the title to make it clearer that you’re specifically looking to team up with a programmer.

You might want to edit your original post to provide more details as well, and maybe make a few graphics first to demonstrate what sort of art you could provide.
The more effort you put in to the design and showing you have a solid idea, the more likely you are to pique people’s interest.

Unfortunately I think you might struggle to find interest at the moment because a lot of the forum’s programmers are either busy, entering the game jam, or both.

Thanks for the help! Ill start working on some artwork.


I actually wondered how D&U would play if the main screen was replaced by the map.
Losing most of the artwork could free up a lot of space for more creatures so it’s just text and map.

It would play rather well, like a lot of rogue-likes. the main issue in my opinion, is that it would be more demanding on UI coding and design: with the graphic restrictions of Arduboy (with only 1 color, and relatively small screen resolution, it’s going to be hard to make the “rooms” of a dungeon meaningfully different), the only way to make these games interesting is to turn them into an inventory/spell management game, with some sort of turn based combat. Then a lot of the gameplay is funneled through the interface of the game and player combat/equipment/spell choices