Looking for assistance with the Cart Builder

Hey all …

After a robust discussion on the Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image thread, I have added the games website and source URL to the flashcart.

To do this, I need to append the URL for the website and source code to the flashcart-index.csv file. I have added two fields to the rightmost side of the file and you can see this in the entry for ‘Hopper’ as shown below.

The file parsing is quite resilient - it can handle the records above when they have the URLs included or not (with or without the last two fields). You can already see that a lot of the records are already missing the likes value from the end as this field is really not being used.

If, in the future, the cart builder is altered to use a database then the CSV file will easily be imported.

How can I help?

Take a copy / a branch of this repo and fill in the URL for the website and source code for any games you can find.

Create a PR to merge it back in.


Any help will be appreciated and you will be added to the ‘Hall of Fame’.

I got on a roll and completed them all!