Looking for inspiration

I am looking to write a new game and have fallen (back) in love with card games. What card games do you think might lend themselves to the Arduboy? If not a card game then what??

I am not promising anything, just curious to know what you think.

I don’t remember to have seen tarot or belote game. It’s classic games, i think it’s could be a good idea to port them even it’s some works on IA, i think.

Am I reading this correctly? tarot cards?

Yes, i think it’s same in english Tarot game and Belote game is same as french if i don’t make translation error… The both are cards game but Tarot game use some more cards for trump but i don’t know how popular are these games in the world.

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Not popular at all around here in Canada it seems.

Ok, so it’s maybe a good idea to discover some good cards game but maybe hard to code a game that you don’t know… If you don’t code it, as it seems you like cards game you can discover it on internet and have fun :wink:

A while back I was thinking about making a stealth game since there’s a notable lack of stealth games on the Arduboy.

Some other ideas (in order of interest):


(It’s a video because the Wikipedia article isn’t very good.)

It’s a shame I didn’t know about this before you made Kong:

Most people associate tarot cards with cartomancy.
I doubt many know about the games that can be played with a tarot deck.


Paperboy would be great! What about North & South? I’m missing more strategy games. More suggestions:

  • Gryzor/Contra
  • Slay the Spire (mix between a rogue like and a card game)

I’m mentioning games like Rick Dangerous and Advance Wars which are still in progress (I hope).

I love this games (I used to play them a lot as a student) but I prefer to play them in real life :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool. I have this on my tabletop arcade machine at home. I love it.

Now that would work nicely on the small screen. I need to find an online version so I can play it properly and pull it apart.

I would need a really good graphic artist to pull this one off. Actually, I have one of those :slight_smile: his name is @vampirics

I hadn’t seen this game either. Again, the UI might be tricky on the Arduboy but then I guess you could scroll around a map.

This looks terrible. A kangaroo that eats strawberries?

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I think I played it on one of those cheapish N-in-1 consoles that somehow skirt licencing laws.

As opposed to the spaghetti eating gorilla?
(In hindsight, bannanas would have made more sense. Though I much prefer pasta.)

In fairness, I think they’d have put people off if they’d depicted a kangaroo regurgitating its cud to enjoy it a second time.
(More seriously, they could have used fungi.)

I suddenly remembered another one to add to the list.

Might be hard to fit on the screen, but it’s pretty fun.

The original GameCube version of Animal Crossing had several NES games built into the game as items that could be placed in the player’s house, one of those was Clu Clu Land, which is how I first came to play it.

I think the word you are looking for is ‘ignore’.

Maybe … I wonder if you could scroll the screen? I am always wary of this as a lot of games become infinitely harder when you cannot see the whole action.

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Stealth games would be so cool to make for the Arduboy :slight_smile:

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I always thought Sorry would be fun on the Arduboy. There is actually some good strategy in it. You could even add a new feature or change the theme to something whacky.

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How about a pinball game (did a quick search and it surprisingly looks like no one has made one for the arduboy yet)?

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I have never played Sorry …but the nice think about that is you could probably render a quarter of the board at a time and still have context.

TeamARG had some artwork up for one. I think the physics would be really hard to get right. Again, it would need to scroll to allow a decent sized table. It would also be better on a Tetris Microcard where the screen is in portrait mode.

about the pinball, maybe it’s could be an idea to make a mix of a R-Type game, a flipper and Arkanoid… The idea could be to have a ‘ship’ with two flippers and could fire a ball who could break obstacles, bounds and free a way in front of the ship to let it advance ?


That could be interesting …

That’s a classic right there!

Someone a little close to home came up with this idea …

A push your luck Dungeon Crawl game where you need to release your town from the curse of AztaroK.



That’s really cool. I can’t wait to play it! :slight_smile: