Looking for recommendations for a simple project

So I think I’ve been going about programming all the wrong ways and trying things that are out of my reach! So I was wandering if someone could recommend a simple beginer project.
I’ve tried so many wrong ways.
-super meat sac
-undertake maker
-team star twinkle
Please help!

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Attempting things beyond your ability is a problem a lot of beginners have.
When I was starting out I attempted to make a Mother 3 inspired RPG and failed miserably.
(I’ve still got the source code of the very first game I ever wrote to prove how terrible it was. It wasn’t the RPG game, it was a dungeon crawler thing. I’m pretty sure it didn’t use arrays.)

Start with something basic and remember that it doesn’t have to be original. You can make original games when you’re able to do more. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and programmers don’t become good programmers without practice, knowledge and experience.

Some good games to start with:

  • Pong
  • Pac-man
  • Breakout
  • Higher Or Lower
  • Noughts And Crosses (also called ‘tic tac toe’)
  • Rock Paper Scissors

Also focus on one aspect at a time, make sure you know how to use the Arduboy2 library. You need to be able to draw things and you need to be able to handle input and writing your own logic.

For some of those games you’ll need to know about arrays as well.


Have you tried following along the tutorials built by @crait? At the end of 7 tutorials you’ve built pong, I think that’s your best start if you haven’t tried already!