Looking for someone who can help with Soundeffects and maybe some bg music

Hi dear people,

I’m in the middle of developing a game and i want to add some sound. I know about ArduboyPlaytune and ATMlib but i have absolutely no idea about making sounds nor music.
I do understand that i can convert midi files somehow, but it doesn’t seem easy to get these (i have really zero experience in this).

So is there someone with experience who would like to collab and make some sfx or maybe even a simple background track? :heart:

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Maybe this gives you some guidance:


Thank you, this is great info for some background music.
Do you have a good hint for sfx with tone()? All i have is doing a lot of try an error with numbers until a have a sound that fits a special need, like a button click or a explosion sound.

Not really, I do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve played around with onlinesequencer.net with mixed results but there’s some cool stuff to be found on there.

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