LOOT - Epic Dungeon!

Here are some mock up screens I did for an idea I have for a dungeon crawler. Trying to keep the controls simple while having a fun dungeon crawler. (A) button for attack, (B) button switches between Game and Map. Map shows how many Health potions you have as well as your Level. The game screen has a XP bar in the middle, a key indicator in the upper right of dungeon area as well as health bar of enemy (top of dungeon area)

Health potions are used automatically when you need them so no button needed.

More ideas would be to have gold counter, have a store screen as well as possible inventory.

This game is just in the idea phase posted to gauge interest.


Here are the original sizes tested on the Arduboy using http://fuopy.github.io/arduboy-image-converter/
which works great for mocking up game screens for readability.


Oh this looks great. wish i could help with this.

Would be great to get some programming help!

some ideas… old post but GREAT IDEA!!! LOVE DUNGEON CRAWLERS…

This course looks to lengths better than my implementation of Mystic Castle. Well the I me the LCD original again bought. You know what? Hug you! But I love this game! This ensures super!

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Here are a few updates and more screen mockups.

To programmers out there, is a game like this possible on Arduboy?


@Blackstripe, I got one flag for your post, so I changed only one word : ) I get what you are saying, but it comes off pretty gruff : )


LOL, yeah I understood it too.

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Any programmer interested in coding this game?

Yup, start the repo :smiley: Each of the screens for the dungeon will need to be fairly canned or procedural. But of course that’s why all the old games are done in dungeons ; )

I can create repo as well, let me know! It’s nice to go through the process yourself, it’s pretty common these days :smiley:


A quick intro to Github.

Create a User

I would start by creating a Github user at https://github.com.

Create a new repository

1. In the upper right corner, next to your avatar or identicon, click and then select New repository.

2. Name your repository a-name-you-choose.

3. Write a short description.

4. Select Initialize this repository with a README.


Invite Collaborators

The next step is to decide if others will be working on the project with you as collaborators to the project. There can only be one owner of every repository, but a repository can have many collaborators.

For more information on collaborators see Permission levels for a user account repository.

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This is pretty similar to what I’ve been hoping to be able to do with a game, so hooray! I don’t know much about programming, but I have a feeling that it’ll be hard to fit this game into memory… but we’ll see!

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Design Note

I’m thinking some precompiler instructions at the top that will allow a game instance to be built with different maze types or assets, that way the user just need to recompile (or grab a hex later on) for that “series” of gameplay.

Either a storied quest mode across several dungeons (maybe a town scene to spice it up): ice dungeon, fire dungeon etc.


  1. Find Examples

Find four other games in the Arduboy library, #arduboy:games, that provides a good example, or a lead to follow in creating the structure of our LOOT game.

  1. Layout the Repository

Create a directory structure on the Github. https://github.com/MigZ1/LOOT.

  1. Create an Testable Example

Upload title screen assets and complete the boot screen for a test build.

Looks like some useful code for a maze generator showed up : D


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I had no idea this was you @noel_abercrombie, cool!

I made a topic for it earlier, my intention is to learn C++ properly (correct use of .h files confuse the hell out of me :sweat_smile:), develop this further, rope in someone to do the graphics work, and hopefully have a nice polished game at the end of it.

Feel free to make a PR on the repo for this game : )

I won’t immediately, since there isn’t actually a sketch in the repo to contribute to, plus I don’t feel my code is up to scratch for being implemented in an actual game yet. Give me a few days to get comfortable with C++ and I’ll get in contact with @gamerguy to work out a battle plan.


Sounds Great!!! Looking forward to this!