LOOT - Epic Dungeon!

(Gavin Atkin) #21

Depending on how you’re wanting the dungeons to be formatted, I could maybe create a level editor for you. It would only run on windows, and would be for manually creating levels (as opposed to procedural generation).

Message me if you’re interested in figuring something out.

(Ross) #22

I’m thinking javascript might be a good choice. I’ve started work on a node app for the Arduboy, https://github.com/rogosher/ArduboyCLI. While starting to develop this tool I can kind of see how javascript might be the way to go. But boy what a pain async stuff can be!

Anyway, this has imagemagick/graphicsmagick rolled into it, and can do some generation etc based on logic. This might be a really great way to get content quickly in the Arduboy.

This app is sort of being built along with LOOT, and should help devs a bit. If anyone gives it a shot, let me know :smiley: It does very little atm.

(Migz) #23

Hi everyone, just checking in after a while to see if there is still interest in finishing this game!

(Nicolas Mougin) #24

Definitely :smile: looks really awesome!
I’m a big fan of eye of the beholder and its sequel, lands of lore.
Playing a basic RPG like these ones on my Arduboy would make my day!

[edit] I also wanted to make one, I recorded the idea during the KS campaign, but then I forgot about it: see http://mougino.free.fr/Arduboy/games/shadowgate.html

(Felix Steinert) #25

Of course. I would LOVE to play it and I’ll be happy if you could complete it ^-^