Mac won't recognize Arduboy

Hello everyone! My Arduboy arrived yesterday, and I have been enjoying it with the game I have installed from ARG Arduventure. However, I can not for the life of me get Arduino software to recognize my Arduboy anymore!
It worked fine for the first hour I had it, could upload anything. Now, I can’t.

My board is set to Leonardo, but in the port all I have as optioned is the bluetooth. No USB.
I have tried 3 different functioning USB cables, none of them work. I have all the Arduboy libraries, and all of them are updated. Is my arduboy faulty? I make sure it is on whenever I have it plugged in. The Red LED will come on for about 10-15 seconds and it just goes off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you follow the Arduventure Reprogramming Guide found at the end of this page?:

Note that depending on which version of Arduventure you have loaded, you may have to press the UP button or the Down button. The instructions in the game’s UPLOAD menu will tell you which. Also, if the Down button is the one to use, the RGB LED won’t flash and the screen won’t blank, and flashlight mode won’t be initiated for the new game.

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In response to the number of “I can’t upload a new game after playing Arduventure” questions we’ve been getting, I’ve decided to do something proactive.
I double checked and actually I was misremembering issues with the alpha version,
but a few more warnings probably won’t hurt.

I’ve just added a nice big warning message to the top of the Arduventure thread,
and raised an issue on the github page.

Hopefully this will make more people aware of the special procedure.