Magazine feedback


I’m pretty new to ArduBoy though long time user of Arduino and recently Gameduino. I have to say I love the Arduboy and especially the community. Just finding my feet.

I am very impressed with the magazine and have read through all issues with numerous articles to come back on. I noticed there don’t seem to be any recent updates. Has publication ceased? I am aware it is a volunteer effort and a very commendable achievement. I would be happy to pay a subscription fee for it as I thought it as super.

Thanks for a great product and community! Hoping to post and contribute a bit when I have something of substance to add - not easy given the scope and expertise of the assembled community.


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Hey cool thanks for letting us know! The magazine is in fact discontinued, but very glad that you enjoyed it. It took an incredible amount of work for everyone involved especially @Celinebins for putting it all together.

We went for a year, and 12 issues and that was always our goal. The struggle that we had with the magazine was that publishing as a PDF isn’t the best way for people to get at the content.

I had been all along hoping to publish the content along side within the community blog but never got around to it.

Long story short is that this took a lot of effort, and we loved doing it, but it didn’t actually help sell Arduboys and other business stuff ended taking priority.


Having been involved in a few book projects I can appreciate the effort. It is very time consuming.

The magazine was a superb achievement. The presentation looked very professional and the quality of content was superb - a great mix of everything. A real credit to all involved.

It is never easy to maintain something like this and if it didn’t help sell Ardboys and generated no revenue on it’s own then it can only go so long.

Thanks for 12 wonderful issues and a great read! Best wishes for your future endeavors.