Magboy Magazine

Introducing Magboy, an online magazine dedicated to Arduboy!

Hi there, my name is Harry Cartwright and I am going to be starting an online magazine called Magboy, specifically for Arduboy and the Arduboy community!

So Magboy will be an online magazine about Arduboy, published on our own website. This magazine will be a monthly magazine and will have features like Game of the Month, a series on coding your own game, and stories about Arduboy or even the upcoming Arduboy 2 (if its going to be called that)

This is a completely new idea and I will currently be hiring a small team of writers and other staff members to make our magazines and keep the service running.

Important Links and Information:
We are not affiliated with Arduboy company in any way shape or form.



Sounds interesting, I can’t wait to see the first issue.

Anybody got ideas for the name of the magazine? Magboy isnt a setting stone name yet…

On the subject of naming things, with specific focus on avoiding trademarked names…

“MagBoy” doesn’t imply association with Arduboy and ‘Magboy’ is already a registered trademark in some places.

“Arduboy Magazine” is potentially problematic as Arduboy is itself trademarked of course. It might be possible to get permission from Arduboy themselves, but if this is a community effort, you don’t know whether you can get that till you ask.

My vote would go for “ArduZine” - it implies connection to Arduboy (or arduino based projects in general - yay diversity) and has the important “zine” suffix which is popular in community based publications. It’s also not coming up with many hits when searching so you get the google juice if your name becomes well known.

Just my 2p

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@bateske might allow you to call it the Arduboy Fanzine. The Arduboy organization itself probably wouldn’t want to use the name, and it pretty much describes what it is. You might also consider Arduboy Enthusiast.

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I do like Arduboy Fanzine…

**Summon @bateske **


Maguino ftw :grinning: Great idea btw. Will there be print versions?

Uh not currently @mp1462 but its an idea for the future.

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Is this in conjuction with @Celinebins’s e-zine?

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I didn’t know @Celinebins was doing one?

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I’m ok with whatever, I think Arduboy Zine or Arduboy Mag or Magarduboy or something? Magboy just doesn’t sell it. As long as there is nothing offensive or destructive in the magazine it’s alright to use the name Arduboy.

@bateske I like Arduboy Mag… I think we’ll go for that.

Arduboy Mag edition 1 being released January 2017.


@widehaslet can you send us a note at we would love to be in touch. @Celinebins has been wanting to do something like this for a while and wants to help out!