'Make Loud' mystery jumper pads

I have two OG Kickstarter Arduboys… one has the ‘Make Loud’ pads connected with a solder bridge… the other doesn’t… should it be connected or not? :electric_plug::zap::loud_sound:
(On the FX, we just have ‘Make Loud’ silkscreened… but no pads!? :flushed:)

I have never heard of these before. Is the one with the solder bridge noticeably louder?

Sadly one had broken… I’m trying to fix it up. :cry:
I never noticed any difference in volume…
I’m reluctant to bridge the connection without knowing what is does…

Edit: I just found this clue ~

But the piezo element seems to be a normal 2-pole in all the models I have…? :thinking:

Also, you can amplify the sound by sending one pin low and one pin high!

The piezo is a dual element, meaning it has the ceramic crystal electrodes on both side. Only one is soldered to like a normal piezo.

There is a contact on the bottom of the speaker. If you jump the “make louder” pad, then it connects the pad on the bottom with the wire on the top. I was going to use conductive z-tape and ensure the contact. But as you’ve discovered it doesn’t really make much of a difference so it’s just no longer enabled.

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Ahh. Thanks for the explanation. It does seem the unit with ‘Make Loud’ enabled has the piezo stuck down! So it’s safe to remove the solder bridge and I don’t need to worry about adding it…?

100% Safety

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