Make too small fighting game

(Ken Cheung) #1

(Alex) #2

Any explanation of what you did?

(Ken Cheung) #3

i first time to write C++ on Arduboy…


That looks really awesome! :smiley:

(fred ) #5

Is it available to download and play?

(Ken Cheung) #6

not yet… please wait

(Ken Cheung) #7

:sweat_smile:…really ? i’m not awesome…

(Nicole Birgel) #8

Hope you‘ll share your other ideas with us here as they all seem to be very interesting!

(Kyle) #9

Just from this screenshot it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try!

(Holmes) #10

This is great! Loved seeing this pop up on Twitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nicole Birgel) #11

Honestly: Everything i saw from Ken_Cheung regarding the arduboy looks really great.

(Scott R) #12

Super cool :sunglasses:

(Ken Cheung) #13

yes… this right…please add my twitter… la

(Kevin) #14

We are all waiting for the game to play! Looks good!

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #15

Ken no more news about your games. You have stopped program them ?

(Matt) #16

He’s been tweeting updates, just not here for some reason

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #17

Thanks Matt. Good news. No share to test / view program else. He have made the 2 same g&w than me (even i have only stat Parachutes and dont have time atm to complete it but it’s true than more me it’s take more than 3 hours… :wink: ) I could be interested to see if i take the problems as i done or if i done better as i have to remake them (sorry it’s on the META) to use the Hi-Res but it’s another subject. I’m happy to see else that he continue to progam ashis games and his graphics seems very good.

(Scott R) #18

Ken hasn’t posted much here since he had a not too warm response to his Kickstarter

(Stephane C) #19

True. And again he seems to never release anything but teasers. Maybe getting ready for his next Kickstarter campaign…

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #20

Yes, it’s a game designer and his project to have validation for licences is respectable. I hope i’ll be back even i like your creations to all and some are amazing creations, retrieve cool old games are fine too but it’s tru too that if you want only play remakes of old games without modifying code or make your own, you have other consoles just to play for 5€ with color screen… Not sure that people will pay more to have this games then but i respect the fact he want try.