Make too small fighting game

(Shawn) #21

I would love to see more game & watch style games for the arduboy! Simple, quick and easy to pick up and play anywhere, and requires skill to get good at.

(Ken Cheung) #22

hi, sorry, i’m busy … not reply …

(Ken Cheung) #23

sorry, i’m here… busy my business

(Ken Cheung) #24

i will make more game … sorry, no reply on there

(Ken Cheung) #25

i will be back on there … keep in touch

(Ken Cheung) #26

i will share… please wait

(Ken Cheung) #27

thanks, i like your comment.

(Pharap) #28

Instead of writing 6 comments,
you can write just 1 comment and then @-mention the people you want to be notified.

E.g. To notify you I would write @Ken_Cheung, to notify me you could write @Pharap.
Just an ‘@’ and the username.